TSG coach Hoeneß is furious: “It really bothers me”

TSG coach Hoeneß is furious:

TSG Hoffenheim again conceded an avoidable defeat due to their own inadequacies – and once again missed a chance to establish themselves in the target table areas.

Far From Satisfied: Sebastian Hoenes.
Images / Chai VD Lage

Kevin Vogt envisioned his return to his home club differently. “It was a classic game where the team that scores the first goal wins,” said the former Bochum resident. It was not Ihlas Bebou, who had possibly groundbreaking 1–0 for the guests, but lifted the ball over Bochum’s keeper Riemann, but also over goal (19th). When VfL took the lead, it was Vogt, of all people, involved in the development. confusing situation.

At first, the goal didn’t seem to count as goalie Soma Novothny was edged first, with the assistant’s flag up. Vogt had cleaned out the flank, with Novothny now leading the next cross as per rules. Referee Frank Willenborg gave the goal based only on TV images, as Novothny had not previously actively intervened in the said scene. “From my point of view, the goal shouldn’t count because Bochum is right behind me,” Vogt explains, “if I didn’t have an opponent behind me I wouldn’t have gone to the ball.” However, this decision is in accordance with the rules.

took too many wrong decisions

But the veteran recognized the real reason for the defeat elsewhere. “But we lost because we did things wrong. We weren’t even mature enough,” Vogt said, “it wasn’t all bad, but we made a lot of wrong decisions.” Especially in the last third of the field, which is important. “Unfortunately we didn’t play some counterattacks well and missed a lot of chances. In my opinion, in the second half we had our game under control, but we still make it 0-1. That shouldn’t happen to us.” Coach Sebastian Hone. “We played our conditions very precisely and carelessly, so that we didn’t get too many degrees. It really bothered me. It was our carelessness.”

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So as first-class coach Hoenes continues to wait for his first win against a newcomer after the fifth attempt, three draws so far and two losses now. And Hoffenheim once again missed the opportunity to establish himself in the target table areas.

Match Report VfL Bochum – TSG Hoffenheim (2:0)

Scove hurt

To make matters worse, Robert Skov also injured his right back thigh and had to be replaced in the 60th minute. The 25-year-old had to cancel his trip for the Danish national team, a long break threatening. This was his first nomination after the European Championship. Denmark will play against the Faroe Islands and Scotland in the final game of the World Cup qualifiers, and as the established winners of Group F, with Germany and the hosts, they have already qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


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