TV + Live Stream at Darts World Cup 2021: Gabriel Clemens won the German duel in 2 rounds! All results up-to-date

  TV + Live Stream at Darts World Cup 2021: Gabriel Clemens won the German duel in 2 rounds!  All results up-to-date

On this tournament Dart-Also with a worldwide darts fan base for a year: The early signs for the Darts World Cup 2021 will be removed on December 15, 2020 Darts enthusiasts are also known as “Allied Rally”.

Defending Champion Eli Palli in London at Darts World Championship 2021 with Peter “Snapebite” as an ally

Dartsworld Championship 2021 is now the 28th tournament of its kind and brings together the creme de la crème of darts London. Peter “Snapebite” Wright is on the run as the defending champion, but 95 other Darts stars would like to win the world title from Scotland. The Darts World Cup 2021 is not just about prestige, but also about a lot of money: In the World Cup, a total of 2.5 million British pounds of prize money is played, with the final winner allowed to take home £ 500,000 alone it occurs.

Darts World Cup 2021 on TV and Live Stream via Sport 1 and YouTube

Fans of darts who want to watch the World Cup spectacle at Eli Pauly, but shy away from a trip to London, can relax in the TV chair at home. Darts World Championship 2021 will be live and on TV and in color from 1st to final live stream Transfer. The channel will also sign for free TV broadcasts this December. Sport1 Responsible. All broadcast times can be found below in the daily interview and schedule.

Photo: Peter Wright Darts looks the fastest of the chameleon

The Darts World Cup begins on 15 December – viewers are only allowed on 1 day in “Eli Pauly”

The 2021 Darts World Cup starts on December 15, but due to the last minute changes it will have to be played without a live audience. The World Union PDC confirmed the tournament date (15 December to 3 January) and venue London, where, despite various rumors, the traditional Alexandra Palace will be played again. After the British government announced a partial withdrawal of spectators from Monday 2 December, the PDC hoped to be able to welcome fans to the most important darts tournament of the year until shortly before the start of the World Cup.

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PDC boss Barry Hearn said: “The announcement on Monday means we can intensify our discussions with the bodies responsible for playing in the World Cup in front of an audience in Great Britain for the first time since March.” There will be a break between kick-off and finale on only three days of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As of 3 January, a total of 28 sessions are planned over 16 days for the venue called “Eli Pauly”. Hearn spoke of “a huge increase for so many people, for whom this event is a highlight of the year”.

Darts World Championship 2021: How is the PDC World Championship played? Which German stars are there?

The PDC enters the top 32 of the Order of Merit, i.e. the Darts World Rankings, as seeded participants in the race – these players start in Round 2. In addition, the PDC will feature in the top 32 of the Pro-Tour, 32 wildcard winners, who have contested their way through various tournaments before the Round of World Cup in the region of participants in the 2021 Darts World Cup. Of course, the German dart aces are also at sea this year: Max hope (Current No. 38 in world rankings) Qualified via Pro-Tour, Gabriel Clemens aka “The German Giant” Directly set as number 32 in the Order of Merit for Round 2. Nico Kurz joined the team as a wildcard winner.

The Darts World Cup is played in set mode, not in leg mode as other darts tournaments. The first player to score 501 points to win a leg minus one; To win a set or sets, you must win three legs. In rounds 1 and 2 of the Darts World Cup, the best of 5 set mode is played, while rounds 3 and 4 fall into the “best of 7 set” mode. The quarter-finals are won by players who can win the best of 9 sets, with the semi-finals increasing to the best of 11 sets, before the final of the first 13 sets marathon finals.

Eli Pauly in Daily World Championship 2021: All Results of PDC Darts World Championship at a Glance

Who is playing against the wall in the most important darts tournament of the year? Who can do rare nine quarters? Who wants to pocket a whitewash? Who will make it to the quarter-finals, who will make it to the semi-finals, who will play in the final for the World Championship title? All scores and results of Darts World Cup 2021 are available at a glance here.

Darts World Cup 2021, Day 8: All determinations and results on December 22, 2020 (from 1 pm and 7 pm)

Live stream on TV and Sport 1 from 1pm to 6pm, in the Sport1 app, as well as on the Sport1 YouTube channel and DAZN

The goal behaviour Title result
Second round Best of 5 sets Brendan Dolan – Edward Folks
Second round Best of 5 sets Joe Cullen – Wayne Jones
Second round Best of 5 sets Simon Whitlock – Darius Labanauskas
Second round Best of 5 sets Adrian Lewis – Danny Bagish
Second round Best of 5 sets Danny Knopert – Cameron Carolison
Second round Best of 5 sets Devon Peterson – Steve Lennon
Second round Best of 5 sets Rob Cross – Dirk van Dugenbod
Second round Best of 5 sets Dimitri van den Bergh – Paul Lim


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