TV show trailer is a “milestone” for Dorsten’s music producers

TV show trailer is a

The trailer for “Guidos Wedding Race” (a new TV wedding show from star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, scheduled for Sunday 10 and 17 October) is currently playing up and down as an advertising campaign on the “Vox” channel. Is. For a young Doorsteiner, this is a real milestone in his career. Because Gerrit Bergforth (artist name: “Everyday Life”) gives the trailer song “Love Find Me” the perfect mix.

In addition, “Love Find Me” is the official single released by internationally known DJ and producer Mogui on popular streaming services a week before the release date of his new studio album “Colors” (Punks Records). “It’s really cool, it was part of my dream, that’s where I’ve always wanted to go,” says Gerrit Bergforth.

Gerrit Bergforth was engaged in the nationwide beach chair “Comedy Splash” series as a summer DJ. © Private © Private

The 25-year-old from Dorsten has his own small studio on the premises of the Dorsten music production company “6000Media”, which is internationally active in the field of electronic music. “Gerritt has evolved a lot over the years and now brings his ideas to the fore as a full member of our creative network,” says Michael “Jackson” Bellina (6000media).

known as

Gerrit Bergforth was also involved in the new album by André Tegeler aka “Mogui”, for which Michael Bellina is largely responsible as producer. “With four pieces,” he says. Also with the song “From Dusk to Dawn”, which graced the latest “Bachelorette” season on RTL. And “Love Find Me” has stamped its mark on “Everyday Life” so much that it is also highlighted with the name next to Mogui in the track list.

Mogui brought the early musical sketches of “Love Find Me” from Los Angeles years ago, but had not yet found the right way to make a perfect song from it. In the “6000Media” studio, the artist, who plays and produces in clubs and festivals around the world, left the raw material for Dorsten’s talent: concise bass lines and vocals.

“I just experimented with it,” says Bergforth. “Sometimes I would sit in the studio until morning for him.” The artistic result, which is strongly in the direction of “pop”, convinced Mogui so much that he took on the everyday version on the album.

A welcome nod to “Mogui” was that he had a right nose for Dorstainer. Because Gerrit Bergforth is one of the young people that Andre Tegeler has signed for his newly launched agency “Mogui Management”.

Launched at Television Awards

The young Dorstainer was already able to reap the first fruits from this collaboration: “I was recently allowed to play at the German Television Awards after-show party.” He was also hired as the nationwide DJ for the event series “Comedy Splash”. – Strandkorb Open Air”.

Gerrit Bergforth also had to do with music in his previous “main work”: he completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at the music electronics forge “Kemper” in Recklinghausen, highly valued in specialist circles, and remained there until the beginning. Work done. Year.

in the studio
In the studio of “6000media”: Michael “Jackson” Bellina and Gerrit Bergforth aka “Everyday Life”. © Michael Klena © Michael Klena

But now he is exclusively a freelance artist. “There should be a new release every four to six weeks,” he announced. And that in collaboration with interesting artists from Scotland, New Zealand to Scandinavia, whom he got to know through online platforms. In addition, promotional gigs (currently for Vodafone) and soon long-missed club and festival appearances will be on the agenda again.

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And a transformation of the studio too: from “6000media” to the attic in the new Dorston home. Mentor Michael Belina still has to get used to the fact that the talent will then stand on its own two feet. There is no doubt that Gerrit Bergforth will continue to “go down to earth”: “we will hear from him many more successful things.”


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