Two confidential notes put pressure on customs officials

Two confidential notes put pressure on customs officials

The customs officers could not believe their eyes when they read the note intended for them. In this one page document, that World was able to consult, their hierarchy determines singular information obligations when“A control is likely to be the subject of media coverage”, Also, is it indicated, “Control in respect of public persons or public persons should now be the subject of information arranged by the Regional Passenger Management and the Standing Command”, This particularly pertains to diplomats. “With or Without Mission Order”representatives of the economic or financial world, such as “CEOs of large companies, presidents of central banks” where “Political Celebrities”, But also, more surprisingly, “actor”, “presenter”, “Journalist” and also “influencers”,

“In everyday language, decrypts a customs officer, It’s called Snap. The message is clear: If we take the risk of controlling someone famous, we have to be accountable and justify ourselves. , It is still necessary to agree on a “known” character. However, from this point of view, the note presents more difficulties than it helps to solve: if a comedian or actress seems easy to identify by sight, perhaps the leader of political parties or ministers, with certainty what kind let’s identify “influencers” Among the hundreds of Instagrammers with fluctuating fame? And, “Since this obligation to inform also pertains to relatives of public persons, The customs officer quipped, Should we warn the cooks if we control Carlito’s cousin and McFly’s brother-in-law? [deux youtubeurs reçus par le président de la République le 23 mai] ,

On this aspect, the note remains silent. On the other hand, it is much more detailed regarding the stringent conditions under which information must be sent down the hierarchical chain: “In terms of control , done against a public figure, a report should be sent”Don’t forget to send a copy, from the team leader to your superiors, then to the regional director, to the divisional chief and command staff. overall, that’s the control “positive or not” And ” without delay “, i.e. it is specified, “in half an hour”,

Indulgence and “free pass”

When contacted, the Customs Press Service considers this instruction only“an information process that does not replace applicable control procedures” And “supplementing a pre-existing system of diplomats”, In short, a simple reminder of “Obligation to report in high-stakes control situations”.

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