Two Northerners released an application to learn English while watching movies

Two Northerners released an application to learn English while watching movies

Corentin and Clotaire Marmignon. – MB

  • The French are among the worst Europeans at English.
  • Two Northerner brothers have developed a platform for learning English while having fun.
  • For this they exclusively use a very large catalog of Anglo-Saxon films.

But where is Brian? We no longer even count the studies that show the French are at odds with English. a ipsos survey for Forbes In 2019 it was demonstrated that 7 out of 10 French people consider themselves poor in Shakespeare’s language, written and spoken. A deplorable level recognized as a professional obstacle by most respondents, who are willing to use their training account to overcome it. That’s where two northerners come in,
The Marmignon Brothers, with a method that has nothing academic about it.

The Marmignon brothers, please in English, have traveled extensively between Hollywood in the States and their native village of Berlamont, near Maubise in Silicon Valley. Studying in Paris and internship in the world of cinema. It was at this time that they became aware of a terrifying paradox: “France is the most cinephile country in Europe, especially of American productions, as well as, the French are the most incapable of English”, disparaging Corentin Marmignon. Huh.

“Learn Without Even Realizing It”

The solution came quite naturally to them: “We had to eliminate silly repetitive recordings like ‘Where’s Brian’ and make teaching English fun. Learning without even realizing it,” continues the co-founders of the Marmignon brothers. The original version with English subtitles contains the idea of ​​using Anglo-Saxon cinema as a vehicle for the language.

Thanks to their contacts in Hollywood, the Northerners were able to obtain the rights for training purposes for productions from the largest studios: Paramount, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal … “We have all of their catalogs, including only a few months later, of the films. His theatrical release”, assures Corentin. His training organization also provides a complete catalog of educational material allowing to work out a precise vocabulary according to the type of practice or profession sought.

For schools, universities, companies, communities and individuals

Once the student’s level is determined for a test, all he or she has to do is look at the material and then answer questions or take on challenges. He thus earns points which allow him to know his progress and level. “Learning is fun and so easy that way,” promises Corentin.

Their solution, the Marmignon brothers, has already been successful in placing it in many large schools or universities. Also to promote the return to employment of citizens within communities, especially municipalities such as the Fourmes or Hautemont The application is now available for individuals who want to improve their English in the general culture at a cost of 11.99 euros per month want to do. Soon, the northerners platform will offer other languages: “My ultimate dream is to return to the United States to teach them French with a “diner de cones,” jokes Corentin Marmignon.



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