Vanessa Paradis, Marina Foss, Tahar Rahim … Celebrities Celebrate Long Summer Nights in the Capital

Vanessa Paradis, Marina Foss, Tahar Rahim ... Celebrities Celebrate Long Summer Nights in the Capital
DJ doppelganger on the deck of the Caron evening at Café de l’Homme. Caron Press

VD Newt.- Beautiful days settle in Paris and evenings follow each other. A quick overview of the places you had to visit to enjoy the longest nights of the year.

Legends on the Eiffel Tower

Tahar Rahim, Perfume Pour Un Hom de Caron, was at the Caron evening held at the Café de l’Homme in Paris. Ariane de Rothschild, The event celebrated the launch of two works signed by the star perfumer, Jean Jacques: Por un Homme by Caron Le Matin and Por Un Homme by Caron Le Soir, a new trilogy with the house’s iconic fragrance since its creation in 1934. constructed. ,

Tahr Rahim, ambassador, and Jean Jacques, perfumer, celebrate with the Ariane de Rothschild trilogy Pour un Homme by Caron. Caron Press

paris nights

Gin Party at the Grand Hotel

For a sumptuous and joyous evening, the very exclusive Dossne-Thiers Foundation in Paris, Place Saint-Georges, opened its doors at Hendricks, a Scottish gin house. For the occasion, the place with its neoclassical decor has been converted into a grand hotel in a mad palace style. Among the guests, we saw Marina Foss, Rafael Persnaz, Daphne Burki, and Alexandra Golovanoff, all of whom came to discover the famous distillery’s unusual and fragrant universe.

Sayyed Al Alami, Marina Foiso And Raphael Personaz. Jean Picon / Who Says

superlative award

The Htel Meurice’s first literary prize, known as the Prix du Meurice, was awarded to Louis-Henri de la Rochefoucauld for his novel. sand castle (Robert Lafont). A jury of experts, headed by Frédéric Begbeder, Eric Neuhoff, Alix Girod de l’Ain, or Adelaide de Clermont-Tonrere, and Franca Holtmann and Marc Lambron, selected a work that was distinguished by its extravagance and elegance. , As a reward, the winner was endowed with €3,000, but also three dream nights in the famous Parisian palace.

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Franca Holtmann, Honorary President, presents Louis-Henri de la Rochefoucauld with the Prix du Meurice. photo press

birthday in music

5. on the occasion ofI The anniversary of its Parisian flagship, Steinweg & Sons France, the renowned piano maker since 1853, invited their friends for an extravagant evening. The festivities began at the Church of Saint-Thomas d’Aquin, with a special performance by Melody Gardot, with piano by Philippe Baden Powell and David Kadouch. Then they continued the music at a glass of champagne and a cocktail reception, a few meters away, at 230 Boulevard Saint-Germain.

golden address

Vanessa Paradis, Samuel Benchetrit, Pascal Elbe… Several stars were present to celebrate the third anniversary of the Jardins du Faubourg, the 5-star hotel of the Rouleau Guichard group. A veritable haven of grandeur and greenery in the heart of the Golden Triangle, with its sprawling terrace and its lush courtyard, the address quickly became a must-see in Paris.


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