Vejdin surrounds himself with TikTok stars for new music video, “Think”

Vejdin surrounds himself with TikTok stars for new music video,

Wejdene in music video

Wejdene is back this Friday with the music video for his new single, to reflect. For this video, the 16-year-old singer invited several young celebrities from the social network TikTok to explain the characters whose fragments of life she sings.

In to reflectinterpreter of cocoa tells four different stories: of a young girl who is abandoned by her boyfriend, of a boy who cheats on his girlfriend, of a high school student who loses interest in studies because of his bad company and A young man who takes a drunken wheel.

young web stars

The characters all come together to party around Wejden and some are played by members of French House, a group of young influential TikTokers based at the American Hype House. His clients may have recognized Rafael Cuarón, Marien Ponsard, Marie-Victoire Tiangue, Sacha Sadok, or even Maxim Skye.

Wejdene has established itself as one of the musical phenomena of 2020 thanks to the cardboard of his single AnissaCertified Platinum Disc. he replaced the essay with the lyrics cocoa (Gold Records) before unveiling their debut album, 16, last September.

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