Viewer Weekly of Libel Kadown in tears as he pays tribute to Alice Tinker

Viewer Weekly of Libel Kadown in tears as he pays tribute to Alice Tinker

Geralda remembers her best friend Alice in today’s episode (Photo: BBC)

The WikiLeaks left-handed viewers are heartbroken over tonight’s episode, paying a proud tribute to Geraldine’s best friend, little Alice Tinker.

The death of bubbly blonde was announced on the show this evening after the death of actress Emma Chambers in 2018.

While the team continues to pose Debbie’s other characters are alive and well despite the actor’s death, it was decided that Emma and Alice should be remembered by Geraldine.

Dawn French spoke before the episode about how difficult the scenes were to put in the film, and in the overwhelming dedication, she played the role of Visar Geraldine in commemorating the death of a right-handed woman.

Speaking to the camera, Geralda revealed that Alice had died of cancer three years ago, after an initial excitement after the hearing that she had a ‘positive test result’.

Gerald told the audience: ‘Who am I the most loved person in my life? Well, I am very fond of my generous husband, but in the end she has become his. My own darling dumb blonde.

Alice was Geraldine’s best friend in the series Datzie’s best friend (Photo: BBC)
Dawn broke down when she starred in the scene (Photo: BBC)

‘She had a husband, six children and three brain cells, but so much love in her heart that she could defrost frozen pizza on Christmas day.

‘It wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but all our lights went out when we lost it.’

Chasing tears as she spoke, Geraldine continued: ‘I believe in eternal life in heaven, but I also believe in eternal life on earth, because those who die are here forever, alive in our memories, and we Who we are, because of how they changed us. ‘

Alice was Geraldine’s right-hand woman (Photo: BBC)

‘Someone whose last request was her bodypen, in which the final request would be made by six people wearing peppa pigs,’ continued the Terry Star.

‘Message of the Day: Especially in these difficult times, love who you are with.’

Viewers were devastated by the emotional moment, and paid their own tribute to Alice and reminisced about the life of the online Emma Chambers.

Emma Chambers was the lead actor of Vikar DF ​​Dibli, James Fleet, who played her on-screen husband Hugo, featuring three new 10-minute specials.

Unfortunately, many of the original cast have died, including Roger Lloyd-Pack, who plays the farmer Owen, John Bluethal, who plays Eternal Bore Frank, and Liz Smith, who plays Letia Cropley.

The disorder will continue at 8.20pm on Monday night

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