Virus transmission is off: Vaccination for hospital staff protects the environment

Virus transmission is off: Vaccination for hospital staff protects the environment

Virus transmission stops
Vaccination for hospital staff protects the environment

Vaccination protects – above a certain quota, even those who are not vaccinated. Whether this also applies to Kovid-19 is being investigated between hospital staff and their domestic members in Scotland. The results also indicate the spread of the virus.

It is not yet clear how Kovid-19 vaccines can prevent the virus from passing. There is now a first, clear indication that the transmission of the virus can be prevented even after the first vaccination with AstraZeneca or biotech vaccines. Researchers at the University of Glasgow have done this In a message Announced.

David McAlester’s team looked at data from more than 300,000 people in the period from December 8, 2020 to March 3, 2021. Of these, 113,255 health workers in Scotland had received at least one dose by the beginning of March, of which 36,227 had already been given a second dose.

By comparing different individual registers in Scotland, researchers were able to analyze data from people who live in the same household as health care workers. It was discovered that the number of Kovid-19 diseases declined not only among vaccinations, but also among members of their household.

Already after the vaccination dose

When analyzing the data, factors such as age, gender, socio-economic status, intensity of patient contact, weekly working hours, and previous illnesses were taken into account. Results: The number of Kovid 19 diseases among vaccinators fell by 55 percent after the first dose. The number of hospital admissions for vaccinated clinic staff was also reduced by 84 percent.

However, the researchers also observed that people living in the same house with vaccinations would also be protected. By calculation, relatives living in the same household were 30 percent less likely to contract Kovid-19 than those who were not vaccinated. He was hospitalized 23 percent less frequently due to Saras-COV-2 infection.

The protective effects were even more pronounced in those who were fully vaccinated. 14 days after the second dose, the number of Kovid-19 cases among vaccinators decreased by 92 percent. There was no hospital admission anymore. Among relatives of staff at the clinic, who were vaccinated twice, the number of illnesses declined by 54 percent and the number of hospital admissions by 32 percent.

“The results of this study are very encouraging,” said Diane Stockton, who oversees the Kovid-19 program in Scotland, according to a university statement. They provide evidence that the vaccine helps people prevent the virus from passing on to others.

learning outcome So far it has only been published by researchers.

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