Warren Ellis, Rock Dandy and Sound Wizard

Warren Ellis, Rock Dandy and Sound Wizard

As a musician, composer or artistic director, particularly accustomed to seeing his name on Sleeve Notes, Warren Ellis shares “one” of the two major albums this spring in quick succession, Massacre And She walks in beauty, An eternal companion, co-signed as a pair respectively with the symbol of Nick Kew and the Anglo-Saxon rock song, Marianne Faithfull.

Two records, the fruits of imprisonment, proving that in this period when we have to confine ourselves to the things we need, some, and at least, this multi-instrumentalist (violin, bouzouki, flute, keyboard, guitar, computer …). ) And Australian sound architect, a figure in the shadow who has become one of the most outstanding musical personalities of the last twenty years.

While Warren Ellis is not usually Front man, Is its charm. With his hair and his long brown beard, his dark suit, his wide belt buckle, and his tricolor boots, this postpunk dandy has a gendered false wind that would have favored a Westerner for heroic imagination. His lean elegance is seen on stage, as an instrumentalist in the Bad Seeds gang led by Nick Cave. It goes unnoticed even in Ivory-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), where this wizard of sounds, born in 1965, settled in Ballarat, in the state of Victoria, in the south-east of Australia, in the twenties. Years ago, with his French wife, musician Delphin Ciampi.

In late April, they received us at their residence with saffron walls surrounded by wisteria, a rocker’s family shelter that spent a lot of time at their home in Brighton, England, bought as much as possible for Nick Kew’s work . , Another native of Victoria. Exiled in Europe. We traverse the spacious living-kitchen-dining-room with books, records, musical instruments and DVDs, in the middle of which two shelters the fish-bush cousins ​​(red snakes, rocky lizards…).

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“Cabin at the bottom of the garden”

The owner of the house invites you to share jasmine tea in the garden. In the shadow of a large cherry tree, he greets the visitor in perfect French, with a trailing accent, before speaking in English. “down Under”. “I tried to do psychotherapy in French, but after a month, I realized that I didn’t have enough means to express myself as I wanted to …”, Let us explain this talkative bearded man.

The traditional “cottage at the bottom of the garden” has a recording studio. This is where Warren Ellis designed the landscape Comprehensive Beautify English romantic poems read by Marianne Faithfull She walks in beauty.

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