We made monsters

We made monsters

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Martine Saint-VictorMartine Saint-Victor
Communications Strategist and Founder of Milagrow Public Relations Workshop

Because almost all of us were at home, the first incarceration last year was a reminder of what television’s greatest strength is to create a common experience, bringing together a large number of people. One-time meetings approx.

For months, many of us around the world followed – such as more than 50 million Americans – the daily briefing of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was, initially, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States. Its press briefings were clearly of national interest, but thanks to their live broadcasts, especially on CNN – so in more than 200 countries and territories – they have also become internationally necessary.

Cuomo offered a master class in political communication every day. His speeches contained enough personal anecdotes to make this thing more human that we had yet to understand, and he was punctuated with enough graphics and photographs to reflect his seriousness. In a very short time, the Cuomo style was copied by many leaders, confirming the influence of one that many wanted to see in the US presidential race.

And if it is true that a successful press talk is important for a politician, then the fact is that it is the least things, especially for a governor who, before completing this third term, is in political control of his father Mario Was the successive manager of the campaign. In the 1980s, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Clinton administration, and in 2006 the Attorney General of the State of New York.

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But as is often the case now, we have made a politician a celebrity, and the general a phenomenon.

His book on pictures, leadership and crisis management at the International Emmy Awards, the leading newspaper of leading magazines, here and elsewhere, was written amidst an epidemic, raised to the top of best-selling, pomp and trumpet , Andrew Cuomo received media treatment and praise that should be reserved for those who have developed COVID-19 vaccines. But the bar was set far below. In 2020, the United States was ruled by a mediocre, who did not know how to manage a crisis, did not know how to listen to science or recognize the pain of bereaved. While the entire world needed a leader to set the tone – a role often played by the President of the United States – we have settled for a governor.

By exaggerating their achievements, we nurtured the ego of a person who today considers himself untouchable and immune from everything. Accusations of harassment and sexual misconduct over Andrew Cuomo over the past month have reportedly upset most politicians. Many have packed up in very few. And in nine of his charges – which the governor denies – data are added to withdraw the data, highlighting a worrying number of deaths in nursing homes in New York State. But Cuomo is disregarding almost unanimous calls by prominent leaders of the Democratic Party for his resignation.

Should Andrew Cuomo Resign? No. But to ensure good governance, it would be wise to take a step back, beyond the distractions and doubts, by working behind the scenes in a supporting or third role, giving your lieutenant Kathy Hochul the time for a full investigation to run the kingdom. Which would set the record straight by clearing it, or not.

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A poll released a few days ago found Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating to be over 50%. This is a percentage that many politicians should dream of, however, not a shadow of controversy to their credit. This incredible approval rating reflects our habit of crowning kings who are not, calling upon those who have no supernatural power, and using the word icon more. The image of the almighty emperor and heir to the dynasty is the one that Andrew Cuomo was selling and found a buyer.

Could it be possible that our attraction to fame reduces our clarity? And what about the progress of the last two years of the #metoo movement?

A progression marked by our greater sensitivity to perceived victims in particular, at the time of at least one trial or one investigation.

Offering the International Emmy Award to Andrew Cuomo last November, the Television Academy insisted that “the Governor’s 111 press briefing was effective because he [Cuomo] Was successful in creating a television show with characters as well as success and failure stories. “Except we’re not talking about a fictional series West wing w But several press briefings from an epidemic, which, at its peak, claimed more than 500 victims per day in the state, which if it were an independent nation, 10I The world’s largest economy.

Could this confusion between fantasy and reality partially explain how the world’s most powerful nation ended up with a reality star? commander in chief ? Andrew Cuomo’s media coverage in the Canadian media is an indication that we too have this hunger for political spectacle. With possibly more than one election in the coming months, let’s hope that this hunger is not to the detriment of candidates who have the skills but don’t have the sense of staging.

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