What are the major challenges of COP26?

What are the major challenges of COP26?

NS Swiss Radio Television takes stock of the main challenges of the event, which she does not hesitate to present as the Last Chance Summit.

He took the summit last chance. COP26 is even “Critical turning point for humanity”, According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Hence, this is important after being postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Climate summit to open in Glasgow, Scotland [le 31 octobre]To work tirelessly to stop global warming.

“COP26 is not going to save the climate. And I think it is no revelation to say so ”, Immediately assigns Julia Taase, in charge of the “Climate, Energy and Security” program at the Institute for International and Strategic Relations in Paris (Iris). Guests at Geopolites [une émission de la RTS]In , the researcher nonetheless points to the motivating role of COP26 in states’ commitment: “It will participate in a whole process that helps public and private actors commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. And, without that, there would be complete inaction.”

review progress

Specifically, COP26 will examine the progress that has been made since the adoption of the Paris Agreement six years ago. In this treaty Julia looks on “a great success”, Since “It is the countries that set their goals”. But objective without real constraints, as states must respond only ethically to their commitments. “There’s really no penalty, and that’s a moot point”, she says.

According to the latest IPCC scores published this summer, climate progress is already insufficient. NS [premier volet du] The sixth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on the Climate calls for urgent drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases, an otherwise deadly strip of 1.5°C warming [planétaire] will be reached by 2031. Ten years ahead of its previous estimate in 2018.

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cut greenhouse gas emissions

“There is good news in the IPCC report”, all underlines the same researcher. scientists have


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