What are the trends of Spot-Winter 2021 in Dior?

What are the trends of Spot-Winter 2021 in Dior?

Estimating the success of the Haute Couture collection of spring-summer 2021 inspired by the Tarot de Marseille, it is through a completely different register. Maria Grazia Chiuri Be seduced the front row The virtual one is installed behind the screen, in the front row of the house. Because this year, to respond to the epidemic, the creators had to reinvigorate themselves by digitizing their productions.

So, like an odo for frenzied frenzy and sinister luxury, it takes place in ten minutes via a rhythmic video, which wields magic. For the spot, the parade Dior Invests Versailles PalaceS. to echo fairy tales.

A place steeped in history that has nothing to chance Christian Dior It was taken as a reference since the creation of its fashion house in 1947.

Thus, to portray the lines of her Fall-Winter 2021 collection, the artistic director of the house Maria Grazia ChiuriIn the middle of the Hall of Mirrors, Sylvia Giambron was invited to unveil her work “La Galerie des ombre”. A work was expressed around the opaque mirror, designed to reflect the figure of femininity, like a fairy tale.

An Autumn-Winter 2021 placed under the sign of magic

In a desirable dark and disturbing environment, the silhouettes transform into characters inseparable from our childhood. Plaid Dresses and Rose Echoes the beauty and the BeastRed hood hood coat explains Little lead soldier, The robber remembers little Red Riding Hood, Like Tulle, who invites himself on clothes worthy of real princesses.

On graffiti, school-style statement collars, bold balloon sleeves, high white socks or English embroidery and openwork materials, boast of this magical universe, almost dissatisfied with reality, inviting us into a landscape. A scenario that imagines us to be well beyond stereotypes.

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