Home entertainment What happens after the death of Prince Philip?

What happens after the death of Prince Philip?

What happens after the death of Prince Philip?

Preparations for his funeral

Prince Philip (1921–2021), husband of Queen Elizabeth II (94), died on 9 April at the age of 99, as confirmed by the royal family. According to British media, it is expected that the queen will not initially perform any royal duties during the eight-day mourning period – not even in private.

Accordingly, among other things, the laws passed by Queen Elizabeth II in this period should not be signed and all state affairs should also be stopped. This is followed by an officially 30-day mourning period for the entire royal family, during which no public appointment is expected.

The whole of Great Britain is also in state mourning, which should be in force until the funeral of Prince Philip. All flags must be installed at half mast, with the exception of the Royal Standard flag at Buckingham Palace. Members of the Royal Family and Parliament will be dressed in dark colors and mourning ribbons.

What is Operation Fourth Bridge?

In addition, a scheme known as Operation Forth Bridge is named after the railway bridge of the same name on the Forth of Forth in Scotland. In it, therefore, matters relating to the funeral of Prince Philip are regulated. Philip would be entitled to a state funeral, but reports said he wished for a shorter ceremony.

Therefore, only family members, friends and heads of state are expected to attend the funeral. It is believed that the service will be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Philip is believed to have been buried at Frogmore Gardens in the grounds of Windsor Castle. No funeral date has been announced yet. It is unlikely that it will be broadcast on TV.

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