When man and nature are giving each other a new opportunity, Arte.tv . Feather

 When man and nature are giving each other a new opportunity, Arte.tv .  Feather

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Humans are no longer necessarily the enemy of the planet. As awareness of the environmental crisis grows, he becomes more and more protective, and even his savior, when he takes action and helps to revive it.

Documentary filmmakers Brian Leith and Peter Lawn have decided to make it known in a mini-series designed as a world tour of the initiative. A journey whose positivism, at the start of the year, is working best, even if we would have appreciated a bit more dynamism in the commentary provided by actress Cecil de France, as Rhythm reports.

first episode, wake up, interested in long-standing experiences that have proven their worth. Each time placed in their historical context, the images in the collection show how different the priorities of yesterday were. “Life is simple and beautiful on Bikini Atoll”, thus launching an announcer into the news to announce the first of twenty-three US nuclear tests that would wipe out a map of the atoll’s three islands between 1946 and 1958…

But there’s another surprise, fifty years later, when a coral expert, Zoe Richards, made her first dive into the atoll’s waters. He is amazed by the flora and fauna’s ability to resiliency: corals and fish live there in numbers and testify to nature’s unrecognized ability to regenerate – on condition that it is left alone.

orcas and firefly

According to the same view, follow the rebirth of ecosystems around the Panama Canal, Gorongosa National Park, in Mozambique, and undoubtedly the most spectacular, the Loess Plateau in China.

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Recently, the actions taken in the second episode, time to understand, are worn by those who have dedicated their lives to them. Among them, Deborah Giles, is still alive (with her dog) at the bedside of seventy-two orcs off the northwest coast of the United States. Also Professor Fu Xinhua, whose face lights up after dark in front of the hypnotic spectacle of a firefly in Hubei province.

The danger from the melting of Himalayan glaciers is from Bhutan, the third link, period of change, tackles the more global problem of atmospheric decarbonization. In Poland, in Scotland … a sign of the times, in Borneo, subject to recurring fires, Dharasno Hartono, destined to produce palm oil, dedicated itself in 2007 to the largest program Forest Turned out to be a carbon offset. World. Like his young compatriot, activist Emmanuela Shinta, he believes in the future. Now that the house has burnt down, there is no question of looking anywhere else.

Man and nature, a new beginning, Documentary series by Brian Leith and Peter Lawn (UK, 2020, 3 × 43 min). three episodes: wake up (airs Monday, January 10 on Arte, 4:55 pm), time to understand (aired Monday, January 10 at 6:55 pm), period of change (Aired on Tuesday, January 11, 6:55 pm). is available in full Arte.tv 10 and 11 March.


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