When Our President Decompresses…or Not

When Our President Decompresses...or Not

Do the presidents of the republic have time to rest? The answer can be prompted by the question. In any case, the summer holidays of our Presidents of the Fifth Republic, from Charles de Gaulle to Emmanuel Macron, have always fascinated the French.

For the tenant of the Elysee, the phones remain on and members of his cabinet and a senior officer of the armed forces ensure that he can be reached at any time: the head of state with his files in his arm and the suitcase out. which contains the keys to the nuclear code.

Beyond this work on files and reflection, the holidays of our leaders are a setting in the scene of their personal lives, the perfect moment to deliver a message without speech.

Thus, Georges Pompidou, who had just been elected, decided to leave Saint-Tropez, which he appreciated more than anything, to return the image of a president who was still at work but his Close to the family, within the walls of Fort Bregançon. . A practical place to receive friends as well as ambassadors or even foreign leaders, to choose the moment when paparazzi stationed at sea will photograph the head of state in swimming trunks or the first lady in swimsuit . Some presidential holidays are politically missed.

The Holidays That Cling to Your Skin

Nicolas Sarkozy’s summer visits to Wolfsboro and his wife Carla’s luxurious villa in Cap Negre in the United States after spring in Malta on Vincent Bollor’s yacht have cemented President Bling-Bling’s image and made him politically costly. Have given.

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Beyond the political aspect, the holiday of these presidents is an opportunity for author Pierik Gay to tell anecdotes about our leaders: Jacques Chirac’s escape to Mauritius does not always accompany Bernadette, the highly cushy ordered by Valerie Trierweiler, of Giscard. The hunting crew, rescued at sea of ​​Nicolas Sarkozy’s swim shorts Anne-Amón Giscard d’Estaing, were loaned to Stephen Byrne … the little ones. A book that reads well on vacation.

Elysee on the Beach, on Vacation in the Privacy of Our Presidents” by Pierrick Geiss. Le Rocher, €17.90


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