When Rockstar funded Monty Python films

When Rockstar funded Monty Pythons' films

Eric Idol, a member of the famously insane British troupe Monty Python, revealed in a tweet that the amount invested by the biggest rockstar in the United Kingdom to make the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail In 1975.

LED Zeppelin reportedly offered £ 31,500, Pink Floyd £ 21,000 and Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson £ 6,300. Rolling Stone Magazine Calculated what the amount would be with today’s inflation: £ 336,000 for Pink Japelin, Pink Floyd, £ 224,000 and Jethro Tull, £ 67,000.

Along with other contributors such as Michael White (who donated £ 78,750), Island Records (£ 21,000), Karisma Records (£ 5,250), songwriter Tim Rice’s Heartachex cricket team (£ 5,250) and Chrysalis Records (£ 6,300), we Arrived here. A total of £ 175,350 for the design of the film.

In another tweet, a fan asked Eric Idol if any of these celebrities showed up during the filming show and he replied that since everything was happening in Scotland, no one had come, jokingly gesturing Doing said that despite all the budgets, they “could not afford” horses. “

However, he later clarified that he led the premiere with Led Zeppelin.

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According to Rolling Stone magazine, another big star helped finance the film this time. Life of Monty Python Bryan In 1979. These are George Harrison Of The Beatles, Who agreed to help him directly with his company Handmade Films can read in Memoirs of Hum Terry GilliamMonty is another member of Python.

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