Which are the worst toothpastes for our teeth, according to 60 million consumers?

Which are the worst toothpastes for our teeth, according to 60 million consumers?

In its new Special Tooth special issue, 60 million consumers wondered what’s really in our toothpaste and analyzed the contents of more than a dozen sold-out tubes. While they all always contain water, surfactant for the foaming effect, and fluoride to protect tooth enamel, some also contain controversial substances, such as titanium dioxide (this is what’s behind the names E 171 or CI 77891). Hid, which is suspected to be carcinogenic and dangerous to the immune system.

Titanium Dioxide in 1 in 2 Toothpaste

Half of the toothpastes in a selection of 60 million consumers contain titanium dioxide, which is still too much, even though two years ago, it was found in 7 out of 10 toothpastes. Because titanium dioxide, which is now banned in all agricultural-food products in Europe, is unfortunately still not made out of medicines or cosmetic products. If it is added to toothpaste paste, it is especially due to its properties of absorption of ultraviolet rays and its whitening character. However, by brushing your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste containing titanium dioxide, you run the risk of consuming some of it, knowing that the ANSES has shown that absorption of this additive causes an inflammatory response at the intestinal level in rats. it occurs.

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