Why is Season 2 only 7 episodes? What the creators said about Season 3

No fans Hulu K come Madi series Pen 15 Spent no time in the second season, released on the streaming service on September 18, 2020. However, some may have been surprised to find only seven new episodes. Find out what The creators of Pen 15 Told about the future of the show and when to expect more episodes.

‘PEN15’ season 1 aired in 2019

Pen 15 It premiered in February 2019 with the first season of the 10-episode. The series depicts the lives of two teenagers, Maya Ishii-Peters and Anna Conkley, who are best friends. Excited for what’s to come, they start their 7th grade year, but quickly realize that everything is changing – and fast.

What makes this series unique is by Maya and Anna Maya Arskin and Anna Conkley, Two adult artists who also co-created the series. The depiction of their own versions since they were at the turn of the century allows for a distinctive display that has garnered thousands of years of attention.

The first episode of Season 2 in 2020

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Fans and critics alike were admirable Pen 15 And the message is that Hullo is ordering a second season a few months after the first drop. Erskine and Conkley, who is also the executive producer and has written credit for many episodes, Pigeon and now, the second season is here.

Well, that’s part of it. Pen 15 Season 2, Part 1 consists of seven episodes, moving on from where the previous season left off. Anna and Maya have continued their 7th standard year and have had both good and bad experiences going from Maya’s role in school to Anna’s parents to divorce.

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When will ‘PEN15’ Season 2, Part 2 be released?

Picked Episode 7 for the end of a solid season, but still left. According to TV lineIs, whose report Pen 15 The premiere date of the second season in July 2020, “The 14-episode season will be split into two parts, with the second batch of seven episodes being held for some time in 2021.”

As evidenced by the above Instagram, Season 2 began shooting in late 2019 or early 2020. They have resumed after the shutdown. “We’re almost done shooting, but Covid stopped us in the middle, so the next seven episodes … won’t come out for a year now,” Conkle said. W Magazine In September 2020.

Here is what has been shared about the future of ‘Pen 15’

‘Pen 15’ Season 2, Anna Con (Anna Conkley) and Maya Ishii-Peters (Maya Erskin) in ‘Play’ | Lara Solanki / Hulu

In the second part, as Conkel said in an interview with W Magazine Pen 15 Season 2 will include “R-Ratedness and Mature Story,” as the characters experience the growing pains of adolescence. But the way middle school seems to stretch forever, they hope to do the same about their range.

“We hope to have a show [about] Anna and I are in 7th grade, forever, ”Erskine said Entertainment Weekly In 2019. This is what this whole concept is about: That Pure he doesn’t go to high school about these two characters. So a Season 3 shop could mean the same thing, albeit with a slight bite.


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