Home entertainment Wife lay dead in her husband’s apartment for 12 days

Wife lay dead in her husband’s apartment for 12 days

Wife lies dead for 12 years in the apartment in which her husband lives

Unexpected fate behind death

How did Christine Malley die and when did the 80-year-old woman die? This is a question that concerns the public in Scotland and in particular the Aberdeen Police Force. Behind his death lies an unexpected fate, perhaps even a crime.

Her husband said she was “abroad”

Christine Malle died by accident. The woman did not respond to a notification for the appointment of vaccinations in Cove Bay, a suburb of Aberdeen with a population of about 8,000. According to British media, the medical staff wanted to see her at home, but Malle’s husband merely stated that she was “abroad”.

When the police searched the house, they found the body. Investigators believe the woman may have died in early 2009. The police did not provide any further information. Only one message said: “The death is being considered unsolved; investigations are ongoing.”

“I’ve been living here for 22 years and didn’t know he had a wife”

A neighbor said that the last time he saw Christine Malle was in 2008, The Scotsman reports. Another told the newspaper: “I did not know woman and man only by sight. He kept himself to himself. It is a strange and sad thing.”

The matter was also discussed extensively on social media. An alleged neighbor wrote there: “I lived in the area for 22 years and did not know he had a wife.”

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