With “Outlander” stars: The trailer for Sam Hughan’s new show is something to laugh at.


Kilts in men: start date and first impression

Documentary series STARZ seems to be having a lot of fun for the two Scots Hughan and McTavish, who are also together in their personal lives. In the van it goes through Scotland and “on a journey of a lifetime”, as the two actors say. And jump right off Chemistry and brilliant intelligence “We bring two heroes with us,” says Hugen: “We spent a lot of time filming Outlander. A show that “tells a lot of true things” answers McTavish and Hagen stresses: “Time travel is true”. Brief silence And McTavish says, “I didn’t mean time travel at all.”

Cut: wide beautiful landscape, music and you are listening: “The Story of Two Men Who Don’t Know Anything.” As Hugan boarded the boat in a bumpy sea a short time later: “I don’t know what I’m doing.” The series is supposed to On 14 February Start at STARZ.

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The trailer shows what fans can expect

Both see it Culinary delights Scotland at that The landscape But that too culture Like traditional dances, which certainly want to be learned as well. Two gentlemen also learn a lesson for this Fencing, And of course the food wants to be caught by itself. So we see Hugon and McTwish on a fishing boat. Takes the seafood out of the water. The landscape of Scotland is clearly also partially Tracked by bike And when the two men are sitting on a (!) Bike, Hughan said: “I can not believe that This is your idea of ​​a good time. “Humor, interesting facts and Scotland -” Outlander “fans can hardly ask more than before. When and when” Men in Kilts “will be shown in Germany is not yet clear.


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