With the rehabilitation of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the end of the tunnel?

With the rehabilitation of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the end of the tunnel?

The strip of 3 million French people who were vaccinated against coronaviruses almost reached on Monday evening, more than half of which received both doses. And this vaccination campaign will intensify in the coming weeks, as the High Health Authority has officially authorized the AstraZeneca vaccine to people over 65 years of age. France 2 On Monday evening, Health Minister Oliver Vernon actually announced that the latter was now authorized for people between the ages of 65 and 74 who were present with comorbidity.

-94% severe form according to a Scottish study

Until now, Haute Autorité de santé had decided to reserve this vaccine for people aged 50 to 64 with co-morbidities, as efficacy figures in older subjects were not sufficient. But this was before a large-scale Scottish study: 400,000 people received the AstraZeneca vaccine there and the results are very encouraging. According to him, the number of severe forms decreases by 94% for people receiving serum.

Data that could therefore well push the higher authority of health to change its tune and eventually authorize the AstraZeneca vaccine for more than 65.

“Speed ​​up” to avoid re-control

“AstraZeneca’s stock seems to be, and we have quite a few. And we know that there are people 50-65 years old with comradities, roughly 60 to 80 patients per general practitioner, so that’s not a big goal. Is “, underlines general practitioner Jerme Marty, for whom starting over 65 is great news. “Even though the disease is recurring in some departments, it is important to trust and rely on general practitioners.”

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France has already received 1.7 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which should intensify the campaign in the coming weeks, and will see a decrease in “AstraZeneca bashing” at the same time: side effects seen, headaches and fatigue, quickly. If this vaccine allows the French to avoid re-control, it should be brought back into the background.


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