World Climate Conference in 20 days by tricycle

World Climate Conference in 20 days by tricycle

“We had wind, rain, little sun and two or three small tricycle accidents, but we arrived in Glasgow safely,” Alessandra Barale says happily. The 24-year-old has just completed her degree in cross-media communication design and cycled for twenty days to Glasgow with her colleague Max, who studies film. The Earthbeat Tour of the World Climate Conference COP26 is organized by Asbl «Youth4planet Luxembourg».

Starting in Luxembourg, it went with a total of three large tricycles, on which members of the organization took turns from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain to Scotland. The aim was to “collect the public’s views on the topic of climate and convey them to decision-makers in Glasgow. We met an incredible number of people,” says Max. Images of our CreatiVelo, which runs on solar power It takes a bit of practice to record and broadcast . Attelbrück’s students and Lizzie Robert Schumann’s students supported the convoy.

Alessandra and Max also take part in demonstrations around COP26: “The energy they release is impressive. The topic is pretty serious, but it’s also a lot of fun,” says Max. On Friday we will be streaming a movie from IMAX in Glasgow. What are your hopes for COP26? “I saw a film about the 1992 climate conference and I am shocked that we are still talking about the same issues. It is time to act, otherwise the planet will suffer”, says Alessandra.

(Severin Goffin./L’Escential)

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