Xbox Series X and Xbox One users surprised by free money

Xbox Series X and Xbox One users surprised by free money

Last week, Microsoft gave Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X users Free $10 Gift Card, This week he followed up with more free money. Unfortunately, this time it’s cheaper. Last time, Microsoft was giving out free gift cards via email. This time, you’re sending free gift cards through Xbox Messages. However, this time around the gift cards are only $5, but like last time, it looks like the gift is completely random. While multiplayer users reported receiving a piece of the latest wave, many others reported nothing. This giveaway is likely to be not only random, but also very limited and possibly limited to a few areas.

Of course, there’s general speculation that these freebies are only for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass customers, or both, but there’s no evidence of that at this time. Microsoft gives these types of gifts several times a year, and the only downside is that they are usually very limited and just as random.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as new information emerges, but at this time it appears that Microsoft will not be promoting this offer and so there’s no reason to speculate on any details. Excessive. And for what it’s worth, in the past, they haven’t provided details on these types of promotions. We don’t know why, but it’s probably because the giveaway is so limited that it’s not worth promoting and getting feedback from people who aren’t lucky enough to be a part of it. the side of the recipients.

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