XV of France faces risk of a new season

XV of France faces risk of a new season

A white and dry season. It is not only the title of a film with Marlon Brando, it is also the one that hangs in front of France’s XV. one more. Since 2010, and the fossil trace of a Grand Slam, French rugby has not won a single title. Often far from the account in recent years, he suddenly approached the grill as Fabian Galathi took over in 2020. Under his control, the Blues have a backdrop, enthusiasm, audience support and victory. This can be called a good start. But a title is still missing to seal Pact.

The title, XV of France touched it twice last year. But twice he survived her with nothing. Depending on the bounce or luck of the ball, it depends. And twice, it reverted to hated English. In the first tournament, where after the opening win against XV de la Rose (24-17), Charles Olivon’s partners continued, and often with two successes against Italy (35-22) and Wales (23-27) Were happy Not everything was perfect, but Galthey’s leg was already moving. And then that game came to Murrayfield where nothing had worked as expected (28–17 loss). Carpet in the shade, the English did not ask for much and despite a win against Ireland (35–27) on a final disputed day in October, they won an advantage of a better point average.

English model

Revenge was not really far after a few weeks during the Nations Cup. But then, after a contest where the Blues confirmed all their progress against Scotland and Italy, they failed with one breath in extra time, against England. Always his. This England who has cut the wings of an XV from France who dreamed of a Grand Slam this year. It is England who does not always play well but who wins. Somehow, the model to follow for the Blues, at least in managing the end of the game.

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On Saturday against Wales, the French will therefore play much larger. They have to prove that beyond the virtue that everyone now agrees to recognize them, they still know how to win the trophy. A breakthrough against the XV du Lec, before expecting a conclusion against Scotland after a 3-day postponed match, would be the ideal springboard to realize all the promises made for over a year. And even though Fabin Galti and his soldiers have a clearly identified goal of 2023 World Cup, no one will be weary on a trophy that has been fleeing the Blues for more than a decade. Hopefully, for French rugby, winning the tournament is like riding a bike. It is generally not forgotten.


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