XV of France: no new positive case, match against Scotland is maintained

XV of France: no new positive case, match against Scotland is maintained

The VI Nations Committee has given a positive opinion on Sunday for the match between France and Scotland.

No postponement. While the Sixth Nations tournament meeting between France and Scotland (Sunday, 4pm) was inconclusive, the governing body of the competition chose to maintain the match. The announcement was made in the afternoon on Wednesday.

The VI Nations Committee met on Wednesday morning to rule on the outcome of the meeting. And the French team is doing well.

“After a six-nation Test Monitoring Group (TOG) meeting this (Wednesday) morning to review the latest test results for the France team, the six countries confirmed their intention to host the France-Scotland match, as It was originally planned, the following Sunday, ”the committee wrote in a statement.

Eleven players tested positive

The Scottish Government has reportedly informed international rugby officials that if an additional Kovid case had been detected in the French ranks, it would have restricted the movement of its players on French soil.

However, there seemed nothing that Kovid had won for the Gin Blues. Eleven positive cases among the players (including Toulouse Dupont, Ballet, Marchand and Mauwaka) and four staff members including Fabian Galathia. But bad news now seems to be a thing of the past.

Three Toulouse residents as reinforcements

But for two days, all tests have been negative. Therefore, the time is appeasing in favor of Marx. After two days of non-contact training, the group resumed high-intensity sessions today.

That said, it is a very small team from France that will prepare for this meeting against Scotland, decisive in their quest for a final victory. Fifteen players will be absent starting the final game against Ireland (15–13).

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The massive remodeled team, joined by Toulouse’s Dorian Aldegeri, Thomas Ramos and Celevasio Tolofua, would be a difficult task to win against Scotland. Stop false step


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