You Must See These 5 New Christmas Movies!

You Must See These 5 New Christmas Movies!

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Our Five Favorites on Netflix

And now again five of our favorites that you can save and watch later:

1. “Love Hard”

When Natalie (Nina Dobrev) meets the man of her dreams on a dating app, she decides to meet him over the Christmas holidays. However, instead of surprising her, she surprises herself: Josh (Jimmy O. Yang), whom she meets on the site, is a hoax who has pretended to be someone else online. Natalie has to admit that she fell for his fake profile. The guy who looks better than his profile picture, Tag (Darren Barnett), also lives in town, just a few streets away – and Josh promises his angry boyfriend to set them up. There is only one condition: you pretend to be his girlfriend during the holidays…

Conclusion: Perfect for everyone who is fed up with Tinder & Co, but still believes in great love.

2. “Princess Swap 3”

Princess Stacey and Lady Margaret (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) host a Christmas party in Montenaro, which is to feature the “Star of Peace”, a relic of St. Nicholas. Unfortunately, Tara is stolen before the festival begins. The police is groping in the dark. To escape a diplomatic crisis, Stacy and Margaret turn to their arch-enemy Lady Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens). With her help, they work out a plan to get the star back, with Stacy and Margaret pretending to be Fiona.

Conclusion: Your favorite movie before was “High School Musical”? Then you will like the movies of this series.

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3. “A Castle for Christmas”

Writer Sophie (Brooke Shields) has become successful with her novels. But after being abused on television, she moves to Scotland to gain some distance. There she wants to buy the palace where her grandfather used to work. But the building’s owner, Miles (Carrie Alves) only wants to sell the Scots and doesn’t think the Americans are softening them. Sophie finally has to use all her charm to convince Rotten Miles to sell her.

Conclusion: This heart-wrenching film will please even the Grinch – like it or not.

4. “Single All the Way”

Social media manager Peter (Michael Urie) visits his family every Christmas, which haunts him every year because he’s still single. To save his family’s questions this year, he asks his roommate and best friend, Nick (Philemon Chambers), to play the boyfriend for the holidays. But he did the math without his mother, who is waiting for him at home on a blind date…

Conclusion: Are you looking for a comedy that has drama and a romantic ending? Then here you are.

5. “California Christmas – City Lights”

The son of a large real estate entrepreneur loses his heart for the daughter of an indebted farmer in the first part and helps him keep his farm and bring the vineyards to new success, in the second part Joseph (Josh Swickard) returned to San Francisco to deal with professional and family obligations. But his trip to the city tests his relationship with Callie (Lauren Swickard).

Conclusion: The first part had already convinced us that love lives up to everything – it reaffirms it.

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