Yssingeaux and Monistrol preview of the movie “Simone: The Journey of the Century”. done in

 Yssingeaux and Monistrol preview of the movie

Rotary’s National Espoir en Tête program is committed to advancing research on the brain and in this area with two screenings on November 27 and 28, at Monistrol-sur-Loire and Yssingeaux for a preview of the film “Simon: The Journey of”. Available as. Century “.

Since 2005, Rotarians in France have been mobilizing for fundamental research on the brain with an organization of action called Espoir en Tte. A large film is screened in the preview for Rotary and the money collected is used to finance projects already selected by the FRC (Federation for Brain Research).

“Simone: Le Voyage du Sicle” Preview

A preview screening of the much-anticipated film by director Olivier Dahan “Simon: The Journey of the Century” with Elsa Zilberstein in the title role is scheduled for Saturday 27 November at 3 pm in Monistrol-sur-Loire, La Capitol on Sunday. November 28, at 5 p.m. at La Granette in Ysingex. Inspired by the life and struggles of Simone Weil, the film is an undeniable expression of the commitment of a French woman who would have marked history, politics and who decided to fight for a living and pursue the ideas she defended. .

Ipractical information

Tickets on sale on site on movie day. Admission €15 (including €8 donated to brain research).

Charities that may entitle a tax credit (with purchases of a minimum of 5 locations for individuals and a minimum of 10 for businesses).


Rotary Yssingeaux Vallée du Lignon – Le Patio – 10 locations Maréchal-Foch 43200 Yssingeaux

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