Zazoo wearable campaign for Tinuboo in France, video trends, multiple reactions

Portble Zazu, Bal Tinubu, 2023, France
  • Rising singer Portable Zazu has joined Nigerians around the world in celebrating this year’s Independence Day by sending a message to his fans.
  • Portable, who is currently in France, campaigned for Tinubu, indicating that the Yoruba is the next president of Nigeria.
  • The singer urged his fans to vote for a wealthy man, saying that Tinubu would handle Nigeria’s finances well.

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Popular singer Portable Zazu shared a video of himself in France as he joined Nigerians around the world to celebrate Independence Day on October 1.

In the video, Portable is campaigning for All Progress Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinbu, saying the Yoruba were the next candidate for Nigeria’s presidency.

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Portable says the Yoruba are the next presidential candidate. credit: @portablebaeby
Source: Instagram

In the video, the singer said that he cannot allow a person from his clan to vote for another.

Furthermore, he urged his fans to vote for someone who has the money, saying that Tinubu will manage Nigeria’s finances well and pack the country just like he did in Lagos.

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Sharing the video via its Instagram page, Portable wrote:

“Happy Independence Day Kinimah Nigeria Akoi Tinbu Yoruba Lokan. »

Check out the video below:

Internet users react Some of the reactions captured, check them out below:

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“Oga, delete this post so people start unfollowing you. ,


“Everyone is free to vote for whomever he or she wants, there is freedom for all, so stop blaming! Akoi Tinbu ️✅ for the President. »


“Boys, stay away from politics; so as not to continue to attract enemies; The country is already in crisis. TINUBU cannot be the solution to any good and very sick Nigerian. ,

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“Why do they always drag those who support Tinubu? Are you telling them who to vote for Abi Oryin Buru Yin? ,


“You don’t want to come back safe and sound, Abi. »

Portable joins with Young John in France

The Nigerian singer who is popular for his controversial lifestyle, Portable Zazu is currently in France.

Portable took to its social media timeline to share some videos of itself and popular producer Young John trendy in france,

The singer from Zazu, delighted to meet the producer, can be seen greeting young John, admiring his talent in the Yoruba language.



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