Zoe asks the BBC for a pay cut

Zoe asks the BBC for a pay cut

Radio presenter Zoe Ball has asked the BBC to pay “less” after his mil 1 million salary increase.

The 49-year-old star’s salary has risen to 1. 36 1.36 million in one year and she recently became the corporation’s top earner after agreeing to a 23 per cent pay cut for Match of the Day host Gary Lineker.

Radio 2 breakfast show presenter Zoe, who now lives in Dichling, is to cut pay at his request, according to The Sun

A BBC source told The Sun: “When John was hired, Zune was given a huge pay rise because the gender pay scales at the BBC were rife and she was replacing a man with a higher salary in a higher-paying job.

“She is always grateful for what she earns, and she works very hard, getting up at 4am every morning and working long hours.

“But in the current environment and during the epidemic, she has felt uncomfortable about how much she earns or has requested that it be reduced.”

Chris Evans at the breakfast show drew criticism for his post-pay raise, having lost more than a million listeners compared to what he presented. Figures released last October show that the number has risen to 7.9 million since Zon took office. He said he keeps in mind the figures collected by Rajar.

The presenter is set to begin talks with the BBC next week on the alleged pay cuts and is expected to sign a new deal starting in January.

Zoe has been broadcasting since 1993 and hosted Channel 4’s Big Breakfast show in the 1990s and then the BBC’s Live and Kicking.

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