Health Problem in Scotland Education System

All young people should feel happy, safe and included at school. With it, they can make the most of their educational opportunities. This means caring about their mental, emotional, social and physical health. The Scottish government is concerned that teachers lack the training to help students in all these areas. They are making efforts to address these issues.

Teachers need more mental health training

Recent research by the Mental Health Foundation Scotland found that 71% of teachers didn’t have the training to address mental health concerns. Some of them have mental health problems like anxiety or depression themselves. It is due to the pressures of the job. They believe that mental health training would help them to deal with their own issues. It will also assist their students.

The Scottish government is concerned about data that shows some universities provide only about 15 hours of training in this area during four-year teacher training courses. This gives teachers little idea about how to prevent issues from developing in the first place. Most teaching staff are backing a proposal that teachers receive mental health training. They suggest it to be a part of their continued professional development.

Training will help teachers to teach children about personal coping skills and positive relationships. They will learn how to address issues like bullying. Children will know that there is support available if they are having any issues.

Students’ essays about health 

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Health shouldn’t be seen as a distraction from academics

Issues like physical exercise, nutrition should not be seen as a distraction from academics. They should be seen as a long-term investment. This is because poor health affects the physical and mental capabilities of students. Teachers have to find ways to make health and wellness an integral part of daily activities in school. Every pupil should have the knowledge to make the right choice of foods, exercise, make healthy relationships, and more. The Scottish Government is aware that teachers need support and resources to make this a reality in schools.

Physical education, activity and sport

Encouraging physical exercise and including it in the school curriculum can have a very positive effect on pupils. It can improve mood, decrease anxiety and reduce the risks of obesity and heart diseases. Having a break from academics is very important. Exercise gets the blood flowing to the brain, and pupils return to the class with increased focus and concentration.

The Scottish government recognizes the importance of physical activity in schools. It is committed to schools having physical education as part of the school curriculum, and most of the schools are delivering on this.

Food and health

Children tend to love sugary foods, which can destroy their health over the long term. They need foods rich in nutrients as their bodies are growing and developing rapidly. Fruits and vegetables should be an essential part of their diets.

The Scottish government requires schools to provide students with food that meets strict nutritional standards. A variety of dishes must be available so students can learn how to make healthy choices. The government has made free school meals available to all pupils in the first three years of publicly funded primary schools since 2015.

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Substance abuse

The Scottish government believes children and young people should learn about substance misuse in schools. They need to explore the impact of misuse of alcohol, drugs etc., on their lives. The government provides funding to a program that helps to teach the importance of life choices.

Relationships and sexual health

Schools need to help develop good relationships amongst children and young people. Education in this area needs to address diversity and reflect issues relating to LGBT young people or children with LGBT parents. Scotland is one of the first countries in the world to have LGBT inclusive education embedded across the curriculum.


Every child and young person need to be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy to make the most of their education. In Scotland, the government is aware of a lack of teacher training when it comes to preventing problems in these areas and assisting children to overcome them. They are working on addressing the issues as healthy children are better placed to perform well in school and succeed in life.


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