5 billion euros allocated. More resources in the school and staff

Budget for 2022-2024 and Single Programming Document (Dup) approved by the Capitoline Council. Overall, the budget allocates a current expenditure of approximately €5.280 billion. “A figure more – explain from Capital – both the forecast for 2021 contained in the 2021-2023 budget approved by the previous administration (5.095 billion), and the amount of current expenditures for 2022, after the change last November (5.140 billion). billion)”.

The budget bets on re-introducing the administrative capacity of the municipal machinery, “with a substantial increase – reads a press release – in current expenditure compared to the previous budget approved by the previous administration and the same change in November”.

The reference is to schools (78 million more), the social sector (31 million more), employees (17 million more) and the environment (1.5 million more), which will benefit from increased current spending. Value of about 130 million euros.

school and staff

As far as the school sector is concerned, the allocated resources are intended to cover the reduction in childcare fees and extend the opening hours of structures, as well as continue to finance special support activities due to the needs of COVID. With regard to personnel expenses, explain to Capitol, “The allocated resources, among other things, are intended to strengthen the municipal machinery (with special reference to school staff and the municipal police) for the continuation and completion of the new staff program.” will allow. The path on decentralized bargaining and subsidiary wages has already begun”.

More resources for municipalities

Also pay attention to administrative decentralization in the budget. “Already in the process of approving the budget – explain from Campidoglio – municipalities will be credited with a significant increase in the amount of fixed current expenditure, about 12 million euros more, averaging over 4% of the total resources allocated. These funds will be disbursed on the basis of different norms and innovative parameters keeping in mind the real needs of the sectors”.

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With regard to capital expenditure, the financial statements show a total amount of investment expenditure of more than 1 billion euros including the three-year plan for public works (from about 350 million euros for 2022 alone). In addition, the Single Programming Document (Dup) includes works reported by departments and municipalities that are not directly included in the budget documents, for a total value of an additional 8.2 billion EUR, regardless of their level of planning. can be done. “Neither the budget nor the DUP explicitly takes into account, in current versions, how much Roma Capital will receive in the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which will allow the Administration to free up considerable resources in the coming months”. .

Mayor Roberto Gualtieri commented, “A big thank you to Deputy Mayor Silvia Scozez and all the offices for the commitment that made it possible to make this report in such a short amount of time.” “I would like to underline – he continued – an increase in investment and resources for municipalities, in addition to a strong focus on critical areas such as social, school and environment. With the 2022-2024 budget and DUP – Gualtieri concluded – Keep us in the field in a clear and consistent direction along our programmatic lines, including key interventions to strengthen the structure, streamline processes and make our spending capacity more efficient, leading to an administration that which is keeping pace with the challenges before us”.

“Although the administration took office less than two months ago – explained Sylvia Skozcz, deputy mayor and councilor for the budget – the approval by the executive of the two documents in such a short time frame represents a result of extraordinary importance, which puts The municipal office is in a position to restart the administrative machinery at full capacity in the first days of 2022, as well as allowing the vast resources that will flow into Rome from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and be “grounded” without delay.

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