£ 500 bonus to all pharmacy employees

£ 500 bonus to all pharmacy employees


Pharmacy staff in Scotland will receive a £ 500 bonus in recognition of services performed during the Kovid-19 epidemic

All staff at pharmacies in Scotland affiliated with the UK Health System (NHS) will be included in health workers and social workers who will receive a £ 500 bonus in recognition of services performed during the Kovid-19 epidemic. Recognition was announced by Nikola Sturgeon, Prime Minister of Scotland.

Scottish Government: A tangible demonstration of our gratitude

The bonus will be paid to all pharmacy employees who have worked since March 17, 2020, including those who have retired. “In the spring, at the height of the first wave of the epidemic, all public opinion expressed appreciation for the work of our health professionals and our social workers. This economic recognition is important, but we know that it is not enough. Our appreciation should be given to the future.” I have to show in a more concrete way – the Prime Minister said. – Such a small bonus certainly cannot express our appreciation for all those who have taken such heroic care. – Sturgeon underlined Done – This is a solid display of our gratitude to our health and care workers, heartfelt thanks for the sacrifices they made ». The Scottish Government said that payment would be made as soon as possible.

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Matt barclay, President of Community Pharmacy Scotland (Cps – Scottish Pharmacists Association), said the payment “is a tangible recognition of the contribution of the pharmacy during this epidemic, and we are delighted to be involved in it.” In a public statement, CPS expressed satisfaction with the news: “The staff at our community pharmacies have played a key role in the UK healthcare response to Kovid-19 and this bonus is a tangible recognition.”

The CPS also reported that payment details have not yet been processed because “UK pharmacies are private and mandated to deliver services only by the NHS. NHS is not genuine” Employees at Workers’ Pharmacy “, recently Has studied protocols for disbursement of bonuses in the months of January: CPS will work with the Scottish Government in recent weeks to ensure the payment of bonuses as soon as possible. “


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