A departure as shepherds, a finale as zoologists

A departure as shepherds, a finale as zoologists

It was the year 2014, or rather, it took off from the early bloc, and Latvia immediately grabbed the headlines by adopting the euro as its currency. Can such news ever escape our radar? what are you doing? Impossible? But instead… we missed. The reason was getting away from us. We tried asking our dear Argentine friend Mr. Simental one day, who replied thusly: “You ask me if it was possible to ‘break’ the news of Latvia’s adoption of the euro? Guy, if possible!” “O holy cow!” – we said to each other, and then, cow to cow, we couldn’t help but focus on the year’s work. Which one? Well, over and over your reputation In order not to spoil, we had unanimously decided that this could only be the work of the shepherd.

However, Latvia remained in the corner of our eye, especially when news spread that Kazakhstan was looking to change its name. From that moment on, open heaven! A real race for new denominations had begun: Latvia had even launched an international referendum promoted by a well-known mattress company, while on the whim. politically correct The Czech Republic sent a request to the United Nations, which was then rejected, to become a “visually republic”…

Dog stuff, right? However, no matter what, because already in 2014 our 4-legged friends were living permanently among us, they had become so familiar that many got used to having real conversations with them. Are we exaggerating? Not at all? Just in 2014 the first dog-Italian dictionary was released, in true Bausque style, where the diphthong Bau (highlighted in bold) made it (it should be said) a master. some examples?

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foo constructionTax? = Fido, do you want us to watch TV together?

poolconstructionis! = Fido, have a good night tonight because I want to watch the football match between Italy and Germany in peace!

constructionSaint! = Fido, let’s pee next to that big tree you love!

While on the subject of vocabularies, on the occasion of Vinitaly, a phenomenon that has never been a nuisance, we were also puzzled by the Accademia della Cru and its narcissistic enological definitions. Just four small sips (the rest, you can drink it all at once by clicking here):

Barrick. 225 liter French Rovrich’s Fustic Picolic.

Nebbiolo. The most widely consumed wine in Po Valley. In some evenings of November it becomes unattainable.

Verdicchio. Hulk likes wine.

Verduzzo. The wine that the Hulk likes if he can’t find Verdicchio. The trouble begins when he can’t find one or the other: usually he breaks down an entire liquor store.

Arriving in June 2014, we couldn’t help but deal with the World Cup, which was played in Brazil that year. Making a fine display of great pedestrian wisdom, we were launched into the history of the World Championships, starting even from earthly heaven, when the decisive match between Adam and Eve was played between all … Melina And the Serpentine!

Scotland’s referendum took land in September, which wanted to secede from England (in fact, it has tried unsuccessfully since days of unsuccessful attempts). brave…). However, the “Scottish Shower” did not deter other separatist spirits around the world, including in Italy: in Liguria, for example, the residents of La wanted to secede from Spezia, so as not to be contemptuously called by La Spezia. bring that”, as if they were just stubborn detractors.

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Speaking of pumpkins, we couldn’t talk about Halloween, which for us – those loyal to the conservatism of the Holy Roman Church – we don’t consider a festival that has nothing to do with our tradition. And since we weren’t empty pumpkins, we offered to do other parties out of the blue.

Even in that last phase of 2014, the topic of pension reform was at the center of the political agenda and watching the film “Rada” (it tells the story of the only known retirement home for sailors in Camogli) opened our eyes to a category that Certainly can’t count on a sea of ​​Social Security contributions: Sailors.

Meanwhile, the new year was fast approaching, which must have still been the best for the Chinese horoscope. We congratulated our readers in advance, strongly recommending them a suitable job. Space, therefore, for zoologists and… See you in 2015. That is, see you next week!


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