A difference of over 26 million for open spending – Il Tempo

A difference of over 26 million for open spending - Il Tempo
Pier Paolo Philippi

Works and services that cost the Capitoline treasury millions of euros more, therefore, for taxpayers, because of the interest that the municipality is forced to pay creditors for late payments. To uncover Pandora’s box on the “happy” management of off-balance sheet loans was the deputy mayor and holder of accounts of Capital Sylvia Scosze, who launched an internal investigation and gave a mandate to Capital’s director and general secretary. , Paolo Alli and Pietro Milletti to submit any complaint to the prosecutor of the Court of Auditors. In fact, as soon as he took office, Skócz received a folder containing 36 amnesty proposals from the General Secretariat, all coming from Capitoline departments, approved with “decisions” by the Ruggi Junta, but which had just been released. are also missing, due to the approval of the Capitoline Assembly without being stated. Many of these amnesty proposals date back to 2014 and pertain to the immediate intervention ordered by the Simu Department for the floods in the city on January 31.

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The problem is that these are loans derived from amounts that were initially owed by the administration for various reasons (invoices issued for works, fees for teaching work and for renting fees of buildings) and which However, payments were not made to the creditors and hence interest generated in litigation cases increased. Simply put, the municipality does not repay the loan on time, the creditors sue, they win and the administration is forced to pay the expenses and interest. Further, the administration does not even explain the reason for the late payment nor defend itself in the judgment before the creditors. And the loss is not small. Only according to the latest pardon proposals, for example, and we are talking only about cases in which the capital of Rome omitted the totality of payments, in addition to the initial amount of 24.8 million, more than 1.5 million to the Treasury had to pay. Interest. “The inertia of the administration – writes Scotties in a special council brief approved on 22 March – has been continued and pervasive and has determined the exponential growth of the tariffs to be borne by the municipality”. A bad habit that councilors are ready to end for the budget.

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The Director and Secretary General of Capital shall arrange, first of all, they shall prepare a report on the 36 amnesty proposals submitted to the Council. Then he was asked “to perform all the tasks specified in art”. 52 Legislative Decree 74/2016 “, or to proceed with complaints to the Court of Auditors. A for monitoring expenses in order to avoid delays in payments that generate an unreasonable increase in the cost of goods and services purchased from Capital Action will also be activated.Finally, to guarantee regularity of procedures for recognition of off-balance sheet loans, coordination between departments and political bodies, executive and legislature will be strengthened.

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