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A mayor created two types of packages for needy families: for ‘friends’ and for ‘losers’.

AGI – It distributes aid to parcels of food items with fine foods and others of lesser value, ‘to the losers’, even to families that discriminate against a non-EU citizen for religious reasons. is. These are the elements that have come to light in the investigation that led to the arrest of the Mayor and former councilor of San Germano Verselis, Mehela Rosetta, today Councilor Giorgio Carando. Among the various charges brought against the suspects are various hypotheses of embezzlement, material lies and ideological lies in a public act committed by a public official, misuse of office and destruction of property subject to cultural barriers. The investigation, coordinated by the Versailles Public Prosecutor’s Office and conducted by the Operations Department of the Norbinery Company Command of Versailles, was born after statements made for the Carabinari by an employee of the Municipality of San Germano Versailles. The woman excluded from management the practices related to the assignment of foods purchased by the municipality of San Francisco, to be allocated to citizens in economic difficulties due to the epidemic. ‘Suspicious management of aid’ is a suspected management of food items purchased from state-allocated funds to support families most affected by the economic crisis following the Kovid 19 epidemic, from environmental barriers, as well as documentary evidence. Choices about what to buy, in between which items are not necessary, such as shrimp and frozen scallops stand out. But it is from environmental contradictions that the most disgusting aspect of the story emerged: the conscious and determined choice to use the non-homogeneous criterion in the management of aid. Non-EU citizens are excluded for religious reasons. These are the same administrators who have been arrested, who, during an interception, admit to accepting ‘children and stepchildren’ and providing ‘loser packages’ to their less welcoming, or types of lesser goods and Implied by quantity. Particularly significant is the story of a non-EU citizen in severe economic difficulties, whose request was to avoid sending food that he and his children would never eat for religious reasons, at the direct orders of the mayor , Failure to provide further assistance and destruction of the protocol of the request made by the woman to the municipality. The environmental contradictions inside the municipal premises also confirm this story: In one recording, the mayor is heard expressing his disappointment at the woman’s request. For this reason the mayor was also challenged by the raging circumstances aimed at discrimination and racial hatred. In relation to a different role, the lone municipal councilor is Giorgio Carando, who is confronted with several incidents, monitored by the Arma Army through the contradictions between current and satellite surveillance of his car. It appears that Carando, who had access to the warehouse where the food items were stored, occupied significant amounts of products purchased by the municipality for his own benefit or for his family members. The complaints also contain irregularities over the supply of 2,000 protective masks purchased by the municipality from one campania company, which, for professional reasons, is linked to Carando, despite the existence of another cheap estimate provided by the other company.

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