A little courage at the Council of Rome, Gualtieri: the ‘PD model’ we feared opposes

A little courage at the Council of Rome, Gualtieri: the 'PD model' we feared opposes

The new mayor of the Rome Capital, Roberto Gualtieri, introduced the new council in recent days, with some surprise compared to the rumors reported in the newspapers for days and to the “PD model” we feared: (right ) in addition to the norm half women and half menMe, we insisted on that”half technical and half political”, but there are many more politicians than technicians to see paths and biographies.

Can be counted among “technicians” Sylvia Scozez, Councilor of the Court of Auditors, along with Ignazio Marino, former councilor for the budget and former extraordinary commissioner of Rome’s past debt, was also appointed deputy mayor; Ornella Counters, Director, Ministry of Infrastructure, entrusted with the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure; Monica Lucarelli, leader of the citizens of Gualtieri, entrepreneurs already engaged in relationships with productive forces of various levels, with experience in staffing for the Olympics, then terminated by Raggi, who has productive activities and equal opportunities. .

The rest of the council appears to have been elected with very political criteria based on the various constituents of the coalition and the relative “weight” (or the support and role given in the electoral campaign). Among the most important departments, those that manage funds and tenders and/or those who often have to work on that fine line between public interest and private interest and make decisions that can greatly change the present and future of the city, we Find women and men of the Democratic Party.

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in the first place sabrina alphonsi, previously the former chairman of the municipality and the Capitoline candidate who collected the most votes in the centre-left coalition, is the new councilor for Agriculture, the Environment and the Waste Cycle and Maurizio Velocia, former chairman of the XI from 2013 to 2015 and later deputy head of the cabinet in the Lazio region of Zingaretti, a champion of preferences as a Capitoline candidate, who was entrusted with the demand of the Department of Urban Planning. The third commissioner labeled PD is eugenio bridge, with a long career that began as a municipal councilor on the United Nel’Ulivo list in 2006, head of the Mobility Department of PD Lazio, was elected president of the PD of Rome in 2010, and then from 2013 to the present day. Regional Councillor, for which the department goes to Mobility.

This is followed by the various lists and councilors of the supporters of the coalition, starting with the Civic Gualtieri list, where, in addition to the above Lucarelli, the appointment of alessandro onorato, the list’s coordinator, a Capitoline councilor with a long political experience, began as an avid prodigy in Veltroni’s PD, and then moved to Pier Ferdinando Cassini’s UDC in 2009 and later Alfio Marchini’s right arm in the Council of Marino. became, and applied again in 2016 with Marchini in a formation, supported by Forza Italia and La Right of Stores.

For words on the left of the Democratic Party, the Libere Roma, a movement affiliated with MEP Smeriglio and promoted by the President of the Eighth Municipality of Siacheri, is delegated. Decentralization, participatory, local services for a 15-minute city In the person of the former chairman of the Eighth Municipality Andrea Caterci; In Demos, a movement promoted by the regional councilor Paolo Ciani, who has always been involved in the community of Sant’Edigio, social and health, in the person of the Roman coordinator Barbara Funari former councilor of social policies in the XIV town hall; In Roma Futura (which brings together supporters of former town planning councilor and ex-president of the Third Municipal Corporation, Giovanni Cado, along with POP, Volt, Possible, Europa Verde and Radically), Schools, Training and Work in the person of Claudia Pratelli, formerly Councilor for the School of the III Municipality in the Italian Left Secretariat and in Giunta Caudo; Councilor for Culture Miguel Gotor, who is “an Italian teacher, historian and essayist” in addition to being a politician (elected senator of the Democratic Party in 2013 and then passed by Liberi A. Uguli).

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Finally, one of the most important departments, that of heritage and housing policies, goes to Tobia ZevicThe mayoral candidate, Civic and Democratic Party, finished sixth out of 7 in the center-left primary. Among the many detailed and interesting proposals for Rome on the issues they will have to deal with on their site, there is really little. We hope that the great energy and enthusiasm that his election campaign has taken this year and a half will bring some fresh air and courage to a front that sees a vast legacy – which is also the basis of the capital’s budget – less Used, humiliated. , badly accepted, at risk of eviction for social realities.

We will judge by acts, but courage and change That we hope to inaugurate the Council of Mayor Gualtieri, is not seen in these appointments. Unfortunately.


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