A new generation went into the fray for the center. Controversy over m5s-centre-rights agreement

  A new generation went into the fray for the center.  Controversy over m5s-centre-rights agreement

Virginia Raggi reaches the Capitol with her head bowed, staring steady at the cell phone, passing among some journalists who, unlike a few weeks ago, do not shoot to chase him with cameras and microphones. Thus began the first day of school of the Council in Julius Caesar Hall: new mayor, new council, many new councillors, some very young.

great absentee All the councilors are present, all in their places. Play the national anthem, everyone should stand. The class is presided over by Valerio Cassini, a “senior” councilor chosen from the Calenda List. But there is obviously a big absence Enrico Michetti, The candidate for mayor of Rome for the centre-right who arrived on the ballot, just before the first session of the Chamber, announced his resignation. Obviously, the “Tribune of the Radio” is not seen, but in his place is Federico Rocca from the FDI in the courtroom, who – with the vote of the Chamber – officially took his place.

Fabrizio SantoriA prominent member of the League in Rome, and elected in the first session secretary of the class, said that he was disappointed with Mitchetti’s choice: “I am sorry not to see him here, as he is an important figure, in us the League. Backed him with conviction. Wrong candidate? Surely submitted late, and it also caused some communication errors and haste and more so. In my opinion he would have been an excellent mayor, but he was an excellent one Didn’t become a candidate.”

Perfect Compromise M5S The dispute of the day, however, pertains to the agreement between the M5S and the centre-right for the Chamber’s vice-chairman – one of whom is of the opposition – and for the chairmanship of the Transparency Commission. By supporting each other, both sides have effectively cut Calenda and her inventory, which thus remains dry-mouthed. A decision which Linda Meleo, leader of the Cinquestel group, defends with a drawn sword: “These are positions that belong to the opposition, unfortunately from what I saw Calenda supported Gualtieri in several interviews, so let’s say That the opposition to occupy the space that is concerned by those who have said over time that Gualtieri would have voted would be a contradiction. The opposition cannot be fake. We will protest strongly, but meritocratic and constructive ».

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calendar show – It cannot be denied that one of the most anticipated councilors in the Julius Caesar Hall – full of journalists – was Carlo Calenda. The leader of the action first teased Antonio de Santis, a former staff councilor of Rez Junta: “They tell me you’re good, what are you doing five stars?” The five-star chord-right represents an upside-down world. But – as some say – Cinquestel is a great reference point for progressives, even if they vote with the Italian brothers. But there are other important things: see what Gualtieri says about the waste-to-energy plant, what he will do with Ama, how he will carry out the extraordinary clean-up plan ». «The allegation that I would have supported Gualtieri and voted Five Star Right for this reason makes you smile; It is true that Raggi did not support the mayor, but is part of the party whose leader – Conte – supported Gualtieri ». « Mayor Ruggie? I greeted him, I waved his hand. counted? Everyone already said, a division between streams and lists; If we do not want to talk about Manuel Senselli, then let’s talk about Bettini Manuel ».

sentry against the calendar – Santori also defends the agreement: «On the agreement between the centre-right and M5S, I will remind Calenda that the day after the election he had already spoken in favor of Gualtieri without facing the centre-right. He also always changes his mind, appearing a little confused, at first he said that he would give up his seat at Oula Giulio Cesare to let the man who wrote the program go, then he changed his mind and here he is with us “

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Santori, however, cannot deny the negative result of the league in Rome: «We certainly did not expect to get 6%, we had a strong list. A national problem, Milan resulted in disappointing results, where less than 10% was taken; influenced national politics.

center left hopes – There is great hope for this council in the centre-left: many are convinced that an important piece of the future of Rome and the Roman centre-left will be played in the next five years. Giulio Pellonzi, the former leader of the Democratic Party during the last council, is convinced: «Rome has a historic opportunity – he points out – that significant investments can reach the capital, thanks to the jubilee, the reform of the Roma Capital and perhaps the Expo. for 2030; The goal should be to make the organization of the administrative machine more competitive, both for departments and companies, the first step is to prepare the capital’s machine to take on this great opportunity and manage these resources » . “A new generation is on the field from today, it is a demonstration that PD Rome has long undergone a renovation that has led to turnover, which makes the parties healthier”.

Among those present at the Campidoglio could not be remembered Andrea Casu, the new deputy and secretary of PD Rome, whose joy erupted from every corner of his face: “I know all these people who have entered the Campidoglio, among them Of each I can testify. For commitment on the field. Too far left? I would not say, I would speak of a comprehensive council, for example Tobia Zevi, along their path representing that idea of ​​the agora which the Democratic Party is implementing ». The idea – reaffirmed by many democratic and non-democratic exponents with microphones turned off – and the challenge of making the capital “reborn” will also be the challenge of this new generation of administrators.

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vote in class – Everything expected, therefore, in the various votes held in the Chamber. As the widely anticipated PD’s Svetlana Selli was elected president of the chamber, the vice presidents (one in the majority, the other for the opposition) are: Carmine Barbato Gualtieri of the Civic List and Paolo Ferrara of the 5-Star Movement. The elected class secretaries are: Claudia Pappata of the Democratic Party and Fabrizio Santori of the League.

Mayor Roberto GualtieriAfter being sworn in, he gave his first speech at the council, the mayor launching an appeal to vaccinate “all”, Romans and second-generation young people (to whom he anticipates “absolute authority”). Greetings address. ) and to Pope Francis. He thanked the doctors who helped the capital in the most emergency phase of the pandemic and cited his illustrious predecessor Luigi Petroselli with his speech on the evils of Rome. “I feel the weight and responsibility of this assignment”, admits Meyer, who however looks ahead: “I believe and believe that we will be worthy of the faith the Romans have given us”.

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