“A nightmare is over, I’m home! Thanks everyone, especially my wife”

Venice – finally free. Marco Zennaro leaves Khartoum Last night he landed at Fiumicino airport this morning, March 12th, just after 10am. «After a year, the nightmare ends: weather and sand storms complicate the situation. Now I’m finally home! , So upon his arrival at Fiumicino airport, Venetian entrepreneur Marco Zenaro, who appeared tired but in a good mood, was accompanied by Luigi Maria Vignali, Director General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies, on his flight by the men of the Guard of Finance and Hawaii. Police force at the base.

A story, of Zannaro, characterized by delays and a spectacle trial, which has now come to an end. 47-year-old Marco Gennaro, we remember, went to Sudan to manage the family business. His family and friends, who have been dreaming of this day with apprehension for a year now, await him in Venice. It should reach the lagoon with a train on the evening of today, March 12th Arrives at Santa Lucia station at 11.30 p.m., But there is excitement about his arrival in Rome as well. And he, who is a rugby fan, has been given a seat of honor for the Six Nations Italy-Scotland at the Olympic Stadium that is being played today.

Marco Zenaro: “Thanks for the teamwork”

“The resolution of the matter was the result of great teamwork: Luigi Vignali, the Director General for Italians Abroad in Farnesina, whom I personally thank, Professor Orsoni, our lawyers on the site, and have supported me in all realities financially. by way”. This was said by Marco Zennaro, shortly after disembarking from the flight, which brought him back from Sudan to Italy via Istanbul. “It’s been a long and difficult year. Whom should I thank? First of all my wife, because in this time she has firmly adhered to the most important values ​​in my life which are represented by family and children; so I am those two doctors. I would also like to thank those who have supported me medically during this year in Sudan, Anna Paola Borsa and Lucia Seschin. «Freedom in Sudan is different from our concept; People in Sudan are not born free like us – continues Marco Zenaro – they can take your freedom as if nothing had happened, whereas for us it is an absolute value that can hardly be understood if someone in Sudan is born and lives.

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“I disagree with the allegations made by my father”

“I completely disassociate myself from what my father said and I read in the newspapers, Farnesina did what she could, I didn’t feel abandoned by institutions – Marco Zenaro said this morning to his father, Cristiano Said in reference to the harsh allegations leveled by Zenaro. Against Farnesina – the Sudanese context is extremely difficult, worsened by the coup, by widespread misery and by a social, political and economic crisis that has plagued the country for far too long I didn’t feel abandoned by anyone. You can’t ask for what you don’t have. I thank Dr. Vignali and Professor Orsoni, who have consistently contributed to monitoring the situation ».

Controversy of his father Cristiano Zenaro

«I confirm Marko’s departure from Sudan – he said this morning Cristiano Zenaro, father of Venetian businessman Marco Zenaro – After 361 days the nightmare is finally over – he said – I thank my son for escaping those 75 terrible and monstrous days of detention. I thank the family for expeditiously accessing the financial resources to end custody. Zennaro also expresses thanks to the company’s employees «for conducting business with a great sense of responsibility even in the absence of its boss. My thoughts – they say – go to the 50,000 people who always made Marco feel the affection of the Venetian community with peaceful demonstrations ». Regarding Farnesina, he outlines: “Unfortunately I must condemn the total failure of the Italian institution which apparently did not want to solve an apparent kidnapping aimed at extortion. I hope that Farnesina has the rhetoric. Will have the modesty of not releasing the announcements because if Marko comes out of that hell he owes only and exclusively to himself ». And for the money raised by Unioncamera Veneto to pay the amount requested by the Sudanese court.

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Farnesina. From

“We tried to encourage arbitration, find a settlement, find a way out and it was a constant activity of Farnesina, guaranteeing the transfer of funds with our bank account. In short, a very current activity, which the minister said Indicated: We never leave Italians abroad” Luigi Maria Vignali, General Manager for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies at Fiumicino Airport, returned by plane from Sudan with Marco Zenaro. «We have supported this process from the beginning – adds Vignali shortly before leaving the Roman port – Marco Zenaro, assisting his family, provides them with protection; because we must remember that he spent most of this period in our embassy in Sudan,

Required in the Olympics for the Six Nations

In the grandeur of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, a seat of honor was reserved for Marco Gennaro who returned from Sudan this morning. FIR was also raised for his affair and today want to have him as a guest at the Olimpico for Italy-Scotland in Six Nations rugby.

President Luca Xiao

«Today is a beautiful day, marked by wonderful news: Marco Zenaro has arrived on Italian soil. This puts an end to a nightmare he suffered for 361 days in almost a year, of which 75 were inhuman days. Today a great Venetian returns home, a man who has shown he has a straight back, defending himself like a lion – says Luca Zia, the President of the Veneto region – Let’s celebrate Marco’s liberation. I warmly welcome him and all the Venetians, in the hope that he will immediately embrace his wife Carlota, his children, his parents and all those who love him ».

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Mayor Luigi Brugnaros

«Marco Zenaro Free is the news we have all been waiting for and which fills us with joy. Finally today Venice has returned to embrace one of its citizens. I’m especially proud that this sad story has had a positive side – he says Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro In recent months the entire city has mobilized with demonstrations and awareness-raising activities, and in the end, the generosity of those who gave their donations was fundamental to help Marco Gennaro return home, embrace his family, and find peace of mind. To defend himself from the charges against him. Brugnaro then expressed his thanks “ToThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy in Khartoum, the UnionCamera Veneto, the Union of Industrialists of Venice and Rovigo, the Venice Foundation, Patriarch Francesco Moraglia, and all citizens of Venice and the rest of Italy who have been expended to be able to say today with pleasure that Marco is at home. Today is a day of celebration! ,


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