A Scottish newspaper hopes the Italians will win the European final

EM 2021: Scottish newspaper wishes Italians victory in EM final

Film lovers alone don’t know that Scots don’t always speak well to their neighbours, the British. Now a Scottish newspaper has created quite a stir with a cover photo reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s Brave Heart film.

The national team, which supports Scottish independence, featured Italy coach Roberto Mancini as Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace on the front page of Saturday’s edition – with a request ItalyTo win the European Championship final against England.

“Save us, Roberto”, wrote the paper from Glasgow with the final goal of Sunday’s European Championship in Wembley, London, “you are our last hope. (We can’t brag another 55 years).

While many Britons took it with humor and interpreted it as a general mockery of football, others reacted with fury and accused The National of offending the English language. Scotland To increase. Harry Cole, editor-in-chief of the British newspaper The Sun It’s “Sad” on Twitter. On the other hand, in Italy, Mr. Mancini presents equipment and entertainment for Braveheart.

55 years ago, England won the World Cup in 1966, the only Three Lions title ever. The Scots and the British have long been a rivalry in football, with the untitled Hearts of the Braves often falling short in recent decades.

In the EM group stage, the teams were ranked 0–0. Then Scotland withdrew. Most Scots should, in fact, hold a cross for Azzurri against their old rival on Sunday.


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