A step towards normality in sport: two Scottish referees come out

A step towards normality in sport: two Scottish referees come out

Two Scottish referees, Craig Napier and Lloyd Wilsonthey decided to Coming out and publicly announced that they are Gay, A wall of silence begins to fall around the subject, under the blows of truth and the desire to let the world know who you really are. Hope we don’t have to tell this fact again as a news that creates a sensation, but that it will be soon normal state,

Two referees come out with hopes of making Scottish cheese more inclusive

Two referees: “This is a need that goes beyond football”

Napier He is one of the best referees in the local league, tasked with handling many of the toughest matches of the tournament this year. In a video released by Profile Twitter Of Scottish Football Association He explained: “We have to change the general mindset, to make people feel free to live their nature happily, that they feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s a need that goes beyond football,
Craig Napier explains how important it is to make positive changes in the world Play: “We need to see a change in attitude, so that people feel they can be themselves and live happily and comfortably in their own skin”

wilsonwho instead directs Scottish minor league matches, spoke to Chanel Youotube of the union of Back Onside Counseling: “I have now decided to speak publicly because it has been a terrifying journey, seventeen years of living a life I didn’t want, a lie, the way others wanted me to, or at least I felt That they wanted to. A situation is also dictated by the world of football. I think doing this interview, which I must say I’m afraid, is absolutely vital for my colleagues… who are fighting this journey.” .

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Referee Napier struggling with the direction of the match

“The response was fantastic”: solidarity from around the world

,The response was great Whole world. I received messages of help Also from Namibia and Tajikistan. In Scotland, support has been overwhelming,” says the referee. “Refers usually panic when fans reach out to them on social media, but all the messages were positive. Yes, there have been some negative comments, but only positive things have been written in the private chat. Players and managers from across the country have approached me. people want to work together to make it Football is a safe place for all,

Society has changed a lot in the last 10 years. “I remember being a young referee and I thought: ‘I won’t tell anyone, otherwise I won’t have a chance to move on’ – continues Lloyd Wilson -. I wanted to hurry it up, but now I think It was the right time to join the voices that are already being heard. This is very important by example. We hope to get to a point where what is coming out no longer considered a novelty, I want it to be a biological process. Think of the end-of-season celebration when players bring their girlfriends, wives and children to the pitch. I want people to be aware of a player’s sexual orientation, so that fans can see their partners together on social media,” concludes the referee.

What if a professional footballer drops out?

In ItalyUnlike other countries,homosexuality It’s still going strong in the sports world prohibitionA symbol of the excellence of virility and masculinity, especially in men’s football. In fact, it’s hard for a gay footballer to come out: the risk of becoming a commodity discrimination, on the part of fans and the media, will be huge. There are also enormous economic interests at the base of modern football-entertainment that lead to cover up scandals, make girlfriends or cover wives, and encourage footballers to openly expose their homosexuality.

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Football is a masculine sport where physicality matters a lot. What if a professional footballer drops out? This would be the end of his professional career. In professional sports, and especially in football, there is a lot of money. Do you think that someone, perhaps a great team player who has already made a name for himself, decided to lose everything by revealing his homosexual tendencies to the world? It would be better if you keep quiet and proceed without any problem. And that’s exactly what is happening.

fear of ending career that leads you to wealth, the fear of being humiliated and perhaps the fear of being attacked by fans Who would not want to see his idol declare himself gay. Not only will they be discriminated against and possibly sidelined because of their sexual orientation, but they will risk their skin,


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