Additional powers to municipalities for immediate cleaning in the city

 Additional powers to municipalities for immediate cleaning in the city

Greetings Raggi, Roberto Gualtieri Closes in the office. The first meeting in a burgundy leather chair in the mayor’s office deals with the great emergency: waste. 1 pm. sole administrator of but, Stefano Zaghis, in the smell of resignation. The Milanese manager, appointed by Grillina at the end of 2019, knows how things are going with politics, is ready to free his desk, but shows himself to be “very cooperative” with the new mayor. Gualtieri asks for one “Extraordinary Cleaning Plan” of city. Immediately.

And at least at this early stage, it could have been driven by Zagis, waiting for him to be replaced. an operational role at the head of, cleaning task forceMaurizio Pucci, Ama’s historical manager, must have been along with Rutelli the former manager of the Jubilee 2000 construction sites, whom they call “our Bertolaso” in the Roman Democratic Party. we will see. The extraordinary plan envisages the opening of 5 transshipment sites close to the Ring Road, in the unused pitches of Anas, where trucks can temporarily unload waste to speed up collection; Then 40 million euros will be injected into the treasury of the municipal company to pay the overtime of the garbage collectors and reorganize the collection. The town hall would be composed of 15 units in districts, each with broad management powers in the neighbourhood.

night summit

By the way: Last night Gualtieri brought together 14 elected centre-left mini-mayors at the Capitol. The former economy minister believes in devolution, aiming to hand over some important skills to municipalities. These are the rest of the local authorities that have so far been charged with managing the patch-up of secondary roads and a few more. Even if they have more residents than an average Italian city. The reform that the mayor has in mind provides for the transfer of all management of educational, social and sports services in the districts from the central administration; Municipalities will be required to maintain green areas of less than 20 thousand square meters, the only exception being historic villas; Then the cleaning of streets, counters for citizens and merchants, part of the control over service contracts with investment recipient companies, notably Ama and Atac.

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CARABINIERI. praise the

Before the left-wing mini-mayors, Gualtieri meets Mellonian Nicola Franco of the Tor bella Monaca, the only town hall president left at centre-right, who, not surprisingly, says of himself, “I am the last of the Mohicans. “. Just in Torbella, yesterday, the Carabinieri carried out an attack on the connection and illegal occupation of the premises. The mayor thanked the military, then clarified that he would not seek a political tear. “Today – he says shaking hands with Franco – I want to make sure that there will be an ongoing commitment to support the Town Hall.” Evidence of comprehensive agreements. Another stop between the towers: from bookseller Alessandra Leterza (who didn’t sell Meloni’s book in protest).


Hot documents. And have a team to put together in a hurry. Gualtieri’s first appointment will be Albino Ruberti (today with Zingaretti alla Pisana) as head of cabinet. The general secretary of the municipality, Pietro Paolo Milletti, and the head of the accounting department, Anna Guiducci, should be replaced soon. The director of the state police, appointed by Ragi in January to prevent the re-emergence of old scandals in the corps, Chief Ugo Angeloni, must remain on the command deck of the traffic police. In addition to Ama, Atac’s top management will be replaced, with at least the sole director Giovanni Mottura. Astral’s Antonio Mallamo’s name revolves around his chair. For the junta, the timing will not be very fast: it is expected for the first days of November after the Bridge of the Dead. Certain points remain: Alessandro Onorato, the coordinator of the civic list, the over-voting gypsy Sabrina Alfonsi, perhaps even Sylvia Scoszez for the budget. But negotiations with the parties (and streams of the Democratic Party) are still at the beginning.

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