Advice from the opponent? Good to the sinner if they are from the undead: “On the grass, defend less”

  Advice from the opponent?  Good to the sinner if they are from the undead:

After the match at the club, it is normal to chat with our opponent about family, work, politics, the meaning of life and other perks. Sometimes, however, it happens that a fellow tennis player goes into particularly serious, prickly, divisive speeches; Subjects that should be treated with great care, if not avoided altogether, unless there is a special confidence. And, even then, it’s always best to count to ten first… to keep quiet. No, Today it looks like someone who just came out on the field clearly thrashed can’t help but wear expert shoesWhy do we throw a lot of backhands, without even bathing, to give us awesome technical and tactical advice in all our wisdom, at the opening of the forehand, about our game piece or very little.

From now on, however, whenever this happens, we will be able to take it more lightly knowing that we are in good company. Yes, because it is not only at the level of the players of the club, but birth sinner. After training last Monday on the grass of Queens, a tournament in which the young red-haired blue was surprised by the equally young Jack Draper in the first round, Sinner had to ‘end’ the advice of the veteran with whom he shared the field. did. name is Andy Murray, who has won two Grand Slams on grass, then You too can spend a few minutes listening to his tips, if only in honor of an older man (Andy didn’t even skimp on his opinion, also noted Berrettini’s chances to reach the end of Wimbledon).

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It’s not a potatoThis answer is fine” Showing Janick the distinctive brushing of the windshield wipers, the Scottish champion explains, “mother When the ball came fast, I felt like I was hitting too many straight answers in the net. But there you were, in good shape, but I think you should hit the through ball a little bit more. because when you do it on the grass [il follow-through a tergicristallo], the ball goes down”. I mean, push it, don’t peel it.

Federer on Meadows – “It’s hard to play because he uses slices and immediately moves to hit straight. So you have to throw a really good shot or a good piece to stop him”.

less beautiful “When I defend myself on the grass, I tend to do it fairly flat or with a lot of slices because it is difficult to hit a winner with the bottom ball. On land, of course, it is better to defend higher, but Here, when I’m on defense, I like to put the ball down and it’s hard to hit winners from there. When defending on the forehand, I think it’s okay to use slices. You start to feel the hit a little more. Ed It’s hard for opponents if you hit a short long line or cross slice.

Despite the fact that a few hours later the sinner is defeated by Draper, we look for the nearest meadow on the map, but a wire stretched between two trees in the park would be fine, Such is the desire to apply the first and third advice (The second requires a very high standard of tennis and above all requires the presence of Roger, who, as we know, is now sipping his presence). Returning instead to bar tips (of the club), it is not certain that they also cannot prove to be valid and useful. Yes, even those who give us our adversaries, not just those we take away.

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