Albino Ruberti is Zingaretti’s strong man

Albino Ruberti is Zingaretti's strong man

Roberto Gualtieri’s team at Campidoglio has the first certainty: Albino Ruberti will head the cabinet of the new mayor of Rome. Ruberti shares a similar position with Nicola Zingaretti in the Lazio region. It cemented the axis between Pisana and Campidoglio, the first institutional face to face today Gualtieri – Zingaretti.

The new mayor of Rome is working to build a team including staff, appointees and councillors, but in the meantime a very important first box has been captured. albino ruberty Now it is certain that it will be head of cabinet From Roberto Gualtieri, which currently plays a similar role in the Lazio region Nicola Zingaretti. The mayor has chosen to join the strongman of the Dame governor, through whom the most delicate dossiers pass. The arrival of Ruberti from Pisana to the Campidoglio is also a sign of how the new majority relies so heavily on ties and rapport with the region, it is no coincidence that this afternoon Gualtieri’s first institutional meeting will be with Zingaretti in the Campidoglio. A strategy is already evident from Zingaretti’s performance in the election campaign, which has been with Gualtieri on stage at the very least but always the most crucial moments. Councilors can also come from Lazio region eugenio bridgedirected to the Department of Environment.

Roberto Guatliari working on the Junta

There is still no certainty on the council whether Gualtieri will present the next seventh, when the city council’s first convocation is also expected. It is certain that there will be many technical figures. The name is given to the former commissioner’s budget. Sylvia Scozzi. Former CEO of Ama can also join the team Louisa Melara, it certainly seems to have a role for Marco Simoni, professor of political economy at Luis and president of the Humane Technopol in Milan, who worked on the development of the electoral program and had already collaborated with Gualtieri in the ministry. A councilor should be pointed out by the ecologist Civic Left, while as far as the coalition’s left is concerned, Roma Futura’s spokesman Giovanni Cado It should come in. Even the world that refers to the community and demo list of Sant’Egidio must have a delegation in the government team. Deputy Mayor’s box more uncertain: Arrival sabrina alphonsiThe list of PD and former chairman of the first municipality had the highest turnout.

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