Alexis McAllister, Argentine with a Scottish surname, an Italian passport and a father who played with Maradona

Alexis McAllister, Argentine with a Scottish surname, an Italian passport and a father who played with Maradona

The ball crosses the Polish penalty area, which was cordoned off from the first minuteArgentina Finally confident and eager to close the merits speech without making a dangerous calculation. parade only Szczecin (including one on penalty kicks messi) still round the result to zero. cross to the right Molina get entry to number 20 Day selection, The authority of the first intention is dirty, blunt, dull. The ball just kisses the post and slips past the Polish goalkeeper. Alexis McAllister Gave Argentina the lead. a decisive push towards round of 16,

the roots BritishA Scottish name and a football genius who blossomed pampas, in the heart of Argentina. But even Alexis McAllister has a little Italy within your family tree. Actually, he has an Italian passport. The credit goes to the ancestors of the mother silvina Reelalike a former player’s daughter el pocho carlos Albert Rila and of Maria Elida Garcia, had a later origin Sonny’s Belmont, in the province of Isernia, in Molise. A family that can also lay claim to a singular and distinguished achievement. played with both diego armando maradona with whom Lionel messi,

Indeed, Alexis is a family of footballers. we’re in the 80’s and 90’s when carlos And Patricio McAllisterThe father and uncle, respectively, are heroes in Argentina. especially the former, a burly ex-keeper who moved from the Argentine juniors, Boca Juniors, Racing and Ferro Carril Oeste. knitted Xeneizes Argentina also won the championshipinaugurated 1992, The year before wearing the Albiceleste shirt during the play-offs for use ’94 Won against Australia. It is on that occasion that Maradona and McAllister cross family paths. A World Cup that Carlos McAllister will not be able to play. a few days before the tournament billiards cuts itturning hope into bitter despair.

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However, the family’s dream did not end there. Carlos has three sons, Kevin, Francis, and Alexis. Everyone has a great passion for football and others. Their nature is also very good. especially the youngest, Alexis, born in Santa Rosa December 24, 1998, If his father was a defender with heavy feet and extreme patience, he thinks and builds on the pitch closer to the strikers. A technique and a vision of the game that initially appeared in the school that bears the name, The McAllister Sports (established by his father) and which goes unnoticed. The first talent scouts tagged Alexis’ name when she was just six years, Kevin and Francis are also being watched (they both still play Primera Division respectively with the shirts of Argentina Juniors and Rosario Central).

Alexis takes first big leap forward by finishing Club Social & Sports Park, one of the most prolific forges of talent in Argentine football. The place where people like Maradona, Riquelme and Tevez came from. The move from the school of guru Ramon Madoni to the juniors of Argentina is short and almost natural (here in the youth team he plays in attack with the current Florentine) nico gonzalez, It’s easy for Alexis. Still, there is gossip in the beginning. A small but existing number. cause it’s just surname So famous in the Argentine football world that it becomes important on a political level as well. In fact, father Carlos comes to play an important role in sports ministry In 2016, the year of the block debut of three brothers in the Argentine top flight.

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Three years in Argentina’s juniors, one on loan at Boca Juniors and then the call comes from Europe. There Premier League His eyes are on her. especially brighton, looking for young talent to enhance a team struggling to retain the English top division for two seasons. is done in decisive emphasis January 2020Four months after his debut in a boring and forgettable friendly against Argentina Chile Zero to zero finished. This figure is one of the important: 12 million pounds, Six months apprenticeship and then the keys to the midfield Seagull Get into his hands. Alexis becomes increasingly a reference point for the English team coached by McAllister Graham Potter and new number 10, a centrality that does not diminish even when it reaches Brighton robert de zarby, Born as a half-striker (or, if necessary, an attacking midfielder), Alexis made a transition in England that marked a new step in his career. its scope He comes due, It becomes one with the refined seeker of the final path box-to-box midfielder, a role that puts him under the magnifying glass of top European observers (including thosegap) and not only. That’s the position the Argentine coach conquered stairs, The change that helped Alexis make a longtime family dream come true 28 years ago,


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