All About Tweed, the Trendy Tartan Fabric

All About Tweed, the Trendy Tartan Fabric

tweed to the British peninsula in the form of silk China: It is right here, between Albion and Ireland, that this wonderful winter garment came to life – and then, thanks to its fame, reaches Europe and the rest of the world. Warm and resistant, but also fashionable and desirable, tweed fabric is very popular cold weather, when He makes us feel comfortable and safe because of His warm embrace. give it to tweed jacket For apparel that remembers its original and seductive motif, tweed fabric has become a must-have country styleFor those who remember grunge style Or simply to liven up otherwise “ordinary” monochromatic outfits. If you want to know more, here’s everything you need to know tweedFrom basic to top combinations.

What fabric is tweed?

made of tweed fabric raw shetland wool, which gives life to a fabric with a soft and supple weave. Its main features are strengthBut this also rudeness: Heavy and warm, it protects well from inclement weather even in cold weather. And then there’s this fashion: The intermingle give life imaginative creative design, with vertical lines or squares. The color effect is amazing, colorful and chic.

A Brief History of Tweed

As mentioned, tweed is a fabric that originated in British territory. in fine Scotland, where the need for shelter came first in terms of clothing. his name, originally twillderives fromshield Exploitation in the early nineteenth century river tweed – whose course marks the border between England and Scotland. This thread generates many design and assembly, from fishbone to classic rifling. Initially it was considered a bad clothes, worn by farmers to protect themselves from bad weather. in only 1848 Prince Tree He designed the famous Balmoral Tweed – a blue fabric of white color that remotely resembles the granite gray of the Balmoral Mountains, ideal for blending during hunting trips. The first were born from this expedient tweed suit: this is only the beginning of this fabric, which becomes real fashion in the motherland. gentlemen By that time they could not live without it, and the popularity of the fabric grew markedly among them as well.genteel, From a simple country or sports dress, tweed becomes iconic even in the city. Today we lo. add to collegiate stylebut also a indie style And the hipster, who wants to rediscover it vintage, tweed fabric has become sophisticated and chicWith a unique retro and British flavor.

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How many types of tweed are there?

there are several variety of tweedsdivided according toorigin of wool from which the cloth is made, area of ​​production But this also Technique exploitation during weaving

  • Ale’harris tweed It is produced on the north coast of Scotland from pure Wool Carded and hand-woven (at least originally). we can recognize it from light-dark herringbone design from a wide variety of colors, and from rudeness Better than normal tweed. today it’s a registered trademarkWhose logo is globe.
  • dongle tweedalso known as Irish Tweedis widespread and rainbow point Sprayed on a rough surface.
  • saxony tweed Originally from Saxony, and made in Merino wool, The effect, therefore, is that of a cloth. soft and velvetyDifferent from all other tweeds.
  • gods are also italian tweedsMostly produced in Biella, where a family company produces a cloth typical tweed Starting from shetland wool,

    We can also distinguish tweed on the basis of fantasies most common. plain tweed has a diagonal pattern and a simple texture,overcheck tweed is in large and charged classes,simple herringbone looks like a herringbone, whileovercheck herringbone Presents the same type of colored weave. then there are tweeds striped verticals and diagonals that produce a colorful and vibrant effect, or those squareEqually alive. the ancient pied de paule is an unmistakable pattern, and tartan Classic Scottish clothing.

    how to wear tweed

    First of all, it’s good to say that this is a winter clothes Suitable for cold weather. In countryside And in the open air it is ideal, but in the “urban forest” it also makes a good figure. you can wear it to break a monochrome look For example, with a touch of color. There Tweed jacket It’s Elegant and Formal: A Model above It’s perfect for leisure, while goes classy for a more spoiled personThe Office, with crop top and jeans It’s casual chic while with leggings and ballet flats becomes feminine and without commitment. There shirt it’s great for one grunge style, to be combined with the accessories of amphibians and chains. About shoesgreen light to sneakers and flat shoes for day walks, e lace-up sandals With heels for more formal occasions.

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