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Rewriters is a digital newspaper registered in the Court of Rome (17/2020 of 30 January 2020), built on the civic media model, published by Reworld, an innovative startup with a social business . Founded by Eugenia Romanelli, its mission is to disseminate the manifesto of the Rewriters Cultural Association. [continua a leggere┬╗]

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Scientific Committee of the Manifesto

Ari De Luca, writer, mountaineer
Paola Di Nicola, Supreme Court judge
Gianluca Felicetti, LAV. President of
Friday for the future, environmental movement
Roberto Marchesini, Ethicist, Philosopher, Essayist
Vincenzo Miri, President of lenford network

Giorgia Ortu La Barbera, Rai, Sapinza and Trust Counsel for Greenpeace
Sylvia Pepoloni, founded by International Association for the Promotion of Geo-ethics
Massimo Recallati, Psychoanalyst, essayist and academic
Francesca Vecchioni, founder of Diversity Laboratory

crew digital writers
responsible director: Eugenia Romanelik
co-director: Vera Risi
cover: Fabio Lovino, Guido Fusas, Azura Primavera, Angelo Crichchi
Web Master: Clin Web Agency
Digital Manager: alessandro vivona
graphic support
: Laura Marinelli
fake news hunter: @phobia82

crew rewriters mag-book
editorial manager: Eugenia Romanelik
cover: Stan Lakes, Ivan, Lucamelonte, EMI.Artes, Zeno Pax, Nice, Asil, Norberto Kerr Art Corps, Fabio Magnusciutti, Federico Paes, Genevera Diletta, Tonini Masella
art director
: Laura Marinelli
Printing & Shipping
: Factory Paper

Team Art Gallery:

founded by: Eugenia Romanelik

curator: Luca Beatrice, Rory Capelli

2021 and 2022 Photography Section Jury: Letizia Battaglia
jury section illustration: vooro

Team Daily Pic
head of photography: Louisa Briganti, Director of CSF Adams
Jury 2021 and 2022: Letizia Battaglia
partner: Crumb Gallery – Women in Art

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team day cartoon
responsible: Genevera Tonini in collaboration with Masella Fabio Magnacciutti
jury: vooro
partner: Workshop B5 School of Illustration

Communications and Marketing Team
Press Office: weber shandwick
Event Management: double studio
social media management: Giovanni Prattichizzo, Istat . Consulting by SMM
digital marketing: alessandro vivona
telegram manager: Eugenia Romanelik
tiktok artist: The Genderqueen – Carlo Marches
Spotify Playlists: Lorenzo Tiazzi feat. Nu-Zone

artistic director: Ernesto Asante
designer: Anna Chiara Fort
Secretariat: Martina Biscarini

financial director: Andrea Fatto
Legal Advice Writers Association: studio fort

Scientific Committee
Ricardo Acciai, Director of the Department of Freedom of Thought and Expression of Cyberbullying of privacy guarantor
(Letizia Battaglia), Photo
Luisella Battaglia, Founder of the Italian Institute of Bioethics
Antonella Bundu, Politics
Tiziana Katarasi, Director of the Department of Computer, Automation and Management Engineering La Sapienza
Ricardo Maggi, radical mp3
Giovanna Melandri, President of the MAXXI Foundation and Human Foundation
Lydia Ravera, Author
Nicolo Rinaldi, EU officials, Member of the National Directorate of the Republican Party
Luca Trappenese, Councilor for Welfare in Naples

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