All the names in the race to become a councilor

Gualtieri prepara la giunta, dai Trasporti alla Cultura: tutti i nomi in lizza per diventare assessore

another day of conversation capital for the creation of the council. mayor in the evening Roberto Gualtieri, which is also addressing more pressing issues such as the transportation of students with disabilities, will see representatives from its citizen list. It should enter “container” alessandro onorato, formerly with Marchini, with a delegation for tourism, e Monica Lucarelli Who could also submit the post of deputy mayor.

Rome, Cleaning and Trash: Here’s the extra money. Gualtieri plan begins

Rome has arrived, the names of the departments compete

executive committee of Roma An announcement could be made between this and next week (parallel to municipalities). Would be a surprise to be a part of this except last minute sabrina alphonsi (The first of those elected to the city council with the most votes is the former chairman of the town hall). Urban planning can go to the architect Laura Ricci, while Civic Left and Ecologist should enter the list michaela sikuli. Six politicians and six citizens can go demo in the transport plan Eugenio Patnae or a technician. to increase prices Giovanni Cado Councilor (former mini-mayor already in council) ignazio marino) is its name for the culture pino bataglia, but more and more marino cinibaldi. Instead, the hypothesis of Ernesto Maria Ruffini, the present Chairman of the Revenue Agency, for Budget. Therefore Gualtieri is looking for technicians and has recognized Silvia Scozzese, among prospects.


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