Also at least 3. Scottish for the Budget

  Also at least 3.  Scottish for the Budget

First day as elected mayor, surf among the streams of the Democratic Party for the first time. “Roberto, watch your back!”, in fact, they shout at Tiburtino III, upon his debut as mayor, during a visit to an aging center (even if the official announcement is missing, it will come tomorrow or Friday). Gualtieri, however, does not break down, he smiles. He is well aware of the ups and downs of his party. The victory with 60% of the votes allowed him to free his hands on all appointments, but he does not seek tears, his predecessor Merino, moreover, did not bring good. So talks have started with the parties, first names are being leaked. The new mayor also wants at least 3 technicians: for the budget delegation, the heaviest, named Sylvia Scosze, former commissioner of the municipal maxi-date, councilor of the Court of Auditors, and one year councilor of Marino. is broadcast. If transport, another key chair, will go to a politician, Eugenio Patane, the chairman of the PD of the region’s mobility commission, is in the poll. But there are people who want a technician. Then there is urban planning, to which Laura Ricci della Sepienza’s name leads. Under no circumstances will the delegation be handed over to the politicians. As for culture, Giovanna Melandri, the president of Maxxi, who assured us in a confidential meeting yesterday, was said to have said: “My place is here”. Then he said: “The mayor spent his election on Sunday, so also a rest day in this museum …”.

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Enrico Letta: “With Gualtieri Mayor Rome at the Center of Europe”

We will see: an alternative may be Albino Ruberti, the former president of Zetema, who today heads Zingaretti’s cabinet in the region, but the municipality is precisely alluded to this position. In the Democratic Party, gypsy Sabrina Alfonsi must have green or school; Another gypsy is in contention, the former leader of the group, Giulio Pellonzi. For those on the left, Emma Battaglia, entrepreneur, creator of Gay Village, partner of Eva Grimaldi, may play a role; O Andrea Caterci, former Mini Mayor of Garbatella. The coordinator of Gualtieri’s civic list, Alessandro Onorato, is in pole position for tourism, sports and major events. Even the deputy mayor has to be an outsider to the parties: we are talking about Francesca Bria, today in the opinion board of directors, the first councilor in Barcelona. As for the Chamber’s presidency, it will be a three-way challenge between Maurizio Velocia, Andrea Alemani and Svetlana Celli. He will not go to the opposition, but Ragi can have a role in the expo committee.

Ama’s reign would change: through Au Stefano Zagis, he could be replaced by Andrea Rezzini, DG of the Multiservices of Venice, or by Luisa Melara, at the helm of the Roman assistant for a few months, before ‘scornin’ with Ragi. . It could be Maurizio Pucci, responsible for the 2000 jubilee construction sites, to coordinate the extraordinary cleanup plan. Speaking of garbage: the commissioner that the area threatened for Raggi, in protest against the landfill in the city, walks away. With a mayor no longer “the one to default”, this would make no sense.

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Not just appointments: Gualtieri has 23 resolutions in 100 days for mobility only. Between the new trams and the increase in blue lines: +25% parking spaces, they will go from the current 70 thousand to about 90 thousand, to discourage car use and advance public transport, to be strengthened with new buses . The cost of tickets will then be adjusted (today it is 1 euro per hour), to ensure that in most central areas you pay more.

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