Amazon warns you won’t receive your pre-ordered Xbox Series X on launch day

Amazon warns you won't receive your pre-ordered Xbox Series X on launch day

Xbox Series X Nov. 10 launches at $ 500.

Micro .ft

Amazon has sent emails to people who have made its next preparations Xbox Series X., Warned buyers on Friday that the gaming console could not come by launch day. This The Nov 500 console will ship on November 10th With ભાવ 300 Xbox Series S at a low price.

“We are contacting you about your order for the XB Series X Series X, to let you know in advance that you will not receive it on the day this item is released due to high demand,” said Emam of Micro .ft. “We are making every effort with the supplier to get more inventory. We will provide additional updates once more information is received.”

The predecessors of the Xbox Series X have already been sold out. Sony new The PlayStation 5 is also set to launch in November – This PS5 Priced at $ 400 for the November 12 launch date.

Editors note: The title and content of this article were modified to effectively show that it was Amazon, not the micro .ft that sent the warning email about the Xbox bias.

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